The movement toward recovery continues…

Lots happening in this edition of eNotes. As you can see below, we have a High School play this week and the excitement is palpable. There is an audience (students only and proper distancing), but the thrill of still being able to perform and follow-through on this activity has been tremendously rewarding, both for the students and the staff involved. I keep running into Ms. Bechdoldt and she is literally walking on clouds.

We also are launching the Precious Plastics project via Town Hall tonight and excited that their new grant-funded facility is up and running across from the High School and Middle School entrance next to our maintenance department and greenhouse. Take a look – lots of windows so you can see their progress as they initiate this onsite recycling of plastics. The ideas are brewing and you’ll see more as they start ramping up to production mode.

Adult Vaccination

Currently, registration is open for some categories of chronically ill individuals for vaccination.   Only narrow categories are included, so please check HERE to see if you qualify.  You can register on the government website and they will contact you with reservations at authorized sites.

In addition, we can also start arranging with Jutro Medical for onsite vaccination of the above and the additional group of age 67+, closely followed next week by 65+ general public vaccination.  Jutro Medical will arrange for onsite delivery if we have sufficient interest.  If you are interested in onsite vaccination at ASW in the evening or on the weekends here at school, we are ready to arrange it. (Please – only these categories are being scheduled at this time. Other groups/ages will have a new form when they are authorized.)

To show your interest, we have a form prepared here that also includes additional information:

Fill this out once for each person who wishes to get vaccinated.  You can submit multiple entries. Please complete by Monday (March 22, 2021) and we will contact you on the scheduling of a date. You will then be asked to confirm your reservation.

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