Zimplicity has Moved!!

We’ve moved Zimplicity to a new location on the aswarsaw.org website. Logistically, this works better for us from a publication point of view with eNotes. You can find new Zimplicity posts at this new location:


We’ll keep this website here for historical purposes and to maintain the many links to the content herein. But, all new content will be directed to the new location. Thank you for being a Zimplicity reader! Please join us at the new place!!

Gala – Thank you!

Taking this brief and final opportunity to thank all involved in our First Annual Gala on Saturday and my appreciation to all in attendance on a stellar evening.  Many thanks to all the administration, staff, and students involved in making this such a special event.  We all walked away with our special memories and our actions for the future now on the giving tree that all will see in the future in the main lobby area.  We want to thank you for your support and for helping further the cause of our ASW4Ukraine project that continues unabated, due to many volunteers’ continuous efforts behind the scenes.  If you know one of these special people, give them an extra hug for all that they do.

Master Facility Design Process

We shared them with those in attendance at the Gala, but now have them displayed in the main hallways.  I should note that these are the first round of renderings and we are under a soft launch, but the more detailed presentations will come in the Fall.  Only minor preparatory projects this summer with much more detail in August and September on the scope and schedule of all of our plans.

Thoughts Before the Final Week

We will have our Final School Wide Assembly next week on Wednesday.  This will be open to all parents and you’ll see your areas to stand around the perimeter of students as we will again hold it outdoors on our back fields.  Everyone needs to think sun.  Please be advised that students will return to their classroom after the assembly to say a final goodbye to their teachers and school ends promptly at 11:30a.  Parking will be challenging and you should use exterior areas outside of the back gate if parking is not available in the main lot.  You may not leave your vehicle parked in any of our yellow zones.  Also, be reminded that we will not have a late start on Wednesday, June 15 and school starts at 8:30a due to the shortened week because of the holiday.

Looking forward to a strong closure and will offer a final message in next week’s final eNotes for the year.

Parent Annual Feedback Survey 2022

Coming to you tonight is this year’s feedback survey.  As usual, this is a familiar survey with 80% of the questions we ask each year plus some updates and additions to gather important information from you about our programs.  We use this as our primary tool for addressing program changes and improvements.  All prior surveys are presented in summary to the board each year in September and the most recent was included in the September 2021 board packet.

You’ll receive a personal invitation to this survey today (some may have already received it as you read this) and you should strive to complete it by July 15.  If you do not complete the survey, you will continue to receive reminders until we close the survey in July.

This survey is critical not only to our ongoing operational and strategic work but also to our upcoming accreditation renewal process.  Participation is critical in making sure that we keep our finger on the pulse of the school community as has been the case in years past. The survey will take about 40 minutes to complete and we recommend your children be near you for questions as you consider each response.  Automatic translation to multiple languages by Google is provided, but it may not always be fully accurate.

Thanks in advance for your continued support of this important annual tradition!!

Master Facility Design Process

We’re happy to report that we are finishing up the master facilities design process and will be moving now into project implementation.  We’ll have comprehensive information about this come fall as the early projects of upgrades and renovations commence with smaller projects at the beginning, including this summer.  Those attending the Gala this weekend will have a special treat as we share a peek at the completed renderings of the various projects.  We’ll have these up in August to share with the entire community, but for now, know that ASW has continued its strategic work throughout these recent years of hardship and we continue our work in earnest to stay at the front edge of a world class education.

Safety Reminder

Just a plea to please reduce your speeds between speed bumps in the parking lot.  I’ve monitored in recent days and have witnessed some excessive speeds from multiple vehicles that are very dangerous in a school parking lot. I would ask all to please consider maintaining very slow speeds throughout the parking lot at all times (under 10 km/h).  See our Parking Lot Guide for more information.