Accreditation Acclamation

Accreditation Meeting on Friday

We are having a wonderful week with our accrediting body and enjoying sharing our wonderful school with them.  They are halfway through their week with us and have had robust opportunities for conversation and deeper research.  They are sharing lots of ideas with us and, in return, we are impressing them with ideas they will take home with them as well.  We will have an opportunity to hear their reflections as a whole staff on Friday as they bring closure to their work.  While seating will be limited, additional parents are welcome to join us as follows:

What: The Team Chair and Co-Chair of the NEASC/CIS Accreditation Team will give a 10-15 minute talk about the team’s experience during the visit. In broad strokes, they will report out on areas of strength and areas in need of strengthening.  All faculty, staff, parents, and students are invited to attend, but seating may be limited.

When: Friday, February 16th from 3:45 pm – 4:00 pm

Where: Theater

Board Training in March!!

Mark your calendars for the next session this year of the New and Aspiring Board Member training.  Like last year, I’m leading sessions on School and non-profit board membership. If you have an interest in a position on the ASW board, as a leader in PTO, or if you are looking to serve on other boards in the future, this training will help provide some of the key understandings associated with good governance in a non-profit setting.  The content of this training has been further expanded to also include insights into ASW specifically.  With Board of Trustee elections on the horizon, this is the perfect opportunity to get ready for your candidacy.  We’ll explore selected ASW Board documents and will give some insight into ASW structures and policy as well.

Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. in the MPR

If you would like to participate, you can sign up by clicking here:

There is no cost to attend.

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Welcome NEASC/CIS Accreditation Team!

Thanks to all for your support in getting ready for our visit that is now upon us.  Please see the video below of our welcome to the visiting team today and their introductions!  This is to help our community get to know them a bit and we hope that many of you will have a chance to cross paths with our visitors sometime this week.

Looking forward to their reflections with us and insights into our wonderful school and how we can continue to learn and grow!

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Traffic and Safety…

As communicated earlier our back gate will be closed until further notice.  As noted in my previous letter, this is an issue that was recently brought to our attention after years of use and we are working hard to reach an agreement to reopen this access at earliest opportunity.

As safety and security are our priority, we want to address the additional strain on the front gate and the capacity of the road leading to the School to handle the additional vehicle traffic. To help the things run efficiently please keep the following in mind:

  • Have your school badge ready as you approach the gate.
  • Kiss and Go is critical to continuous traffic flow.  ES stay right to drop off in front of ES.  MS and HS, stay left upon entering the campus and drop off near the HS entrance.  Please see attached map showing designated drop off zones.

Kiss and Go drop-off process:

  • Upon entry, veer right or left to your applicable school zone
  • Stop on curb near entrance of choice
  • Drivers may not exit their vehicle in the Kiss and Go zones
  • Allow children to exit the vehicle safely (staff will typically be nearby to supervise)
  • Immediately drive away safely.

Kiss and Go pick-up process:

  • Have planned location to pick-up your child
  • Stop
  • Do not exit your vehicle
  • Allow children to enter the vehicle safely
  • Immediately drive away safely.
  • Do not sit in your car blocking the road while waiting for you child. Continue around the parking lot circle until your children are ready, allowing other vehicles to access the area. All of our parking areas provide for looping back to the selected pickup zone.
  • Keep traffic calmly moving at all times unless you are parking.

Please be reminded that you may not park along the curb or near entrances at any time.  Only park is designated parking spots. Do not leave your vehicle unattended in non-parking areas for any reason. Further, we suggest accounting for delays when planning your journey to/from school until our entrance is restored.

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Many Traveling

January and February bring many athletics and activities into final weeks and our students start enjoying their travel to tournaments and events at schools throughout the region.  This coming weekend is particularly robust with trips to Sofia, Moscow, Baku, Krakow, Vienna, Athens, Basel, and Wroclaw.  It’s a mix of things that includes MS Choir, MS Band, HS Speech & Debate, MS MathCounts, HS Knowledge Bowl, a HS Swim Meet, a MS Swim Meet, JV Boys/Girls Basketball, and MS Boys/Girls Basketball.  Including our hosting of SCIS HS Girls Basketball last weekend and the SCIS HS Boys in Vienna, we have a strong presence in the region, a testament to the wide range of capabilities that our students possess.

We are always managing many things out of our Athletics and Activities office.  For all trips a full risk management review is completed and we are in constant contact with our information sources right up to departure to assure safety of the destination.  We work in partnership with receiving host schools to collaborate on safety and security documents and practices, sometimes overseen by CEESA standards, but always vetted against ASW requirements for health and well-being of students.

These experiences are profound in an international student’s life, often the foundation of some of their most significant memories.  These tournaments whether hosted at home or afar are unique opportunities for building friendships across borders and we often observe students reconnecting with old friends in each successive year of participation.  The spring season is fast approaching and there will be yet another round of opportunities.  In the meantime, and particularly this weekend, we wish all of our students well in their endeavors and will be keeping them in our thoughts until they return home in due course.

We should all take a moment to thank our coaches, advisors, and the staff in the Athletics and Activities office for all that they do to provide these wonderful and enriching experiences for our students!

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