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URGENT! – PTO Still Needs Volunteers

The fun never stops and creating community requires everyone to support when the call goes out.  Please be advised that PTO needs additional volunteers for an upcoming key activity – the Annual PTO Book Fair!!

Fun for all our students and already published in prior eNotes, please click on one or both of the following links and sign-up for one or more of the open slots.

Parents Needed for Upcoming Career Fair

Parents from all sectors are needed for the upcoming Career Fair on Thursday, January 30th.  We have hundreds of students who would like to hear from parents and community members about their profession and present it to our students.  We need 45 or more parents to make this a successful event.  Sign up HERE!!

Also, if you are interested in reaching out more to students and alumni from ASW, we encourage all our parents to join our alumni network.  You don’t need to be a true alumnus to join our alumni network.  As a parent of a student at ASW past or present, you may join the network at any time and potentially provide mentoring or advice to our growing community of past and present community members of ASW!  Join today by heading your browser in this direction:

New and Aspiring Board Member Training

It’s not too late to join us tomorrow (Thursday) night @ 6:00p in the MPR.  You can still signup HERE or just come and join us if you are able.


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Many Things…

Aspiring Board Trustee Training

Mark your calendars for the first session this year of the New and Aspiring Board Member training. Like last year, I’ll be leading sessions on School and non-profit board membership. If you have an interest in a position on the ASW board, as a leader in PTO, or if you are looking to serve on other non-profit boards in the future, this training will help provide some of the key understandings associated with good governance in a non-profit setting. The content of this training has been expanded to also include insights into ASW. We’ll explore selected ASW Board documents and will give some insight into ASW structures and policy. Our first session will take place as follows:

Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in the MPR

If you would like to participate, you can sign up by clicking here:

Refund deadline

A reminder that the deadline for informing us of your departure before the start of the second semester is November 15th in order to receive a full refund of fees for the semester. For further information, please consult our details on school fees on the school website:

Boy Scouts

Are you interested in being part of Boy Scouts here at ASW? If so, there is an interest/organizational parent meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 12, in the MPR at 6:30p. Please come and join other interested parents to discuss our next steps.

Car and Traffic

There have been some significant traffic jams along the back road to school in recent days due to a project rebuilding the northern crossroad of Przyczolkowa and Drewny Street. This will continue through the end of November. There will be some changes to the car traffic and buses as a result. As part of the project, they are putting lights on the crossing at that location. This is actually good news in order to have a safer crossing that connects to the bike path that was recently installed.

I’ll reiterate my advice from last year that all bicycling should avoid the back road to and from school due to safety concerns. The challenge was the lack of a path on the main road that would allow safe transit to this area. That has now been resolved with the installation of a new bike path and this will continue to be improved in the weeks ahead.

Click here more info about changes in buses and changes in traffic as a result of this work.

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My Day @ UN Day…

Dear Mom & Dad,

My Day…

Today was United Nations Day at school and it was so much fun!  It’s hard to figure out where to start in telling all of the stories of the day.  I tasted treats, sat in a car from India, Disco danced in Holland, had Korean noodles, Indian Samosas, Slovenian honey, Polish Perrogi, Italian sliced ham, Turkish treats.  I won a prize at the China booth when I was able to remember some of my Chinese characters.  I was very proud that I remembered Zai Jian (再见).  Then, I milked a goat and later traveled the Oregon trail and got a new recipe for Snickerdoodles (but they called them something else).

But, I also got flags from a few countries, watched fabulous dances and enjoyed conversation with almost every booth.  I watched Tae Kwon Do when they broke some wooden boards and took lots of video of the Chinese and Turkish dancers.

But, there were a couple of special moments.  The students reading their poems in the assembly almost made me cry.  I did shed a tear during the music when I heard the wonderful voices of our soloists.  And, like always, I really enjoyed sharing my ideas with our “family” audience.  We were all warriors together on the day!!

I also received a special gift from the Swedish table, a wonderful volume on Dag Hammarskjold.  He was the second Secretary-General of the United Nations until the year after I was born in 1961, but I remember him dearly for two reasons.  First, I remember writing a research report about him when I was in 6th-grade while we were studying the United Nations, probably about this same time of year because I remember also celebrating countries from around the world in a very similar fashion.  Second, I remember his legacy being a significant presence at Pacific Lutheran University, my alma mater. PLU hosts the largest Scandanavian Center in the Pacific Northwest.  He has been an inspiration to me and, of course, shares a portion of my heritage since I have about 25% Swedish inside of me somewhere (along with Norwegian and Swiss).  The book presented to me today was a wonderful gift and I’ll treasure it.

We really have to thank PTO for such a great day today!  It was brilliant and all the parents really took on the challenge and made it truly special!

And a special shout out to Mr. Sidaway and the team in the Athletics and Activities office for making our assembly truly something special.  I really enjoyed watching the UN flag rise over the crowd during the procession.

I had a great day at school.  Memories will remain with me for a long time.  As I said, these memories will come back to make me a better person someday.  If I remember them, maybe I can help change the world for the better!


Your Son

One other item:

The Konstancin-Jeizorna mayor has invited us all to November 11th – Polish Independence Day in the local community.  Mass and wreath-laying is in the AM, followed by an Independence Day race at noon and a picnic in the historical park. Here is the link:

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Conferences and interesting new channels…

First, our sincere thanks to parents who participated in Upper School parent conferences this week. It was a wonderful two days of interaction with our key partners and I observed many smiles from both parents and students as they departed following their sessions with teachers, counselors, and administrators. Many thanks to all the administrators, faculty, office staff, and support personnel who helped to make it all possible. There are many pieces to the puzzle of organizing for this and our team did a great job!


Two new items on launch this week:

Please join two new Podcasts that have been launched in recent days. First is a project I started last year, but alas it did not get enough attention. It’s back and you can join in the conversations (audio) on Zimplicity! Two episodes have been posted including some sustainability conversations in Middle School and a Leadership presentation to 5th grade in our ES Tower. Please join us:

Second, a new video podcast with some engaging student talent to share. Modeled after the NPR favorite of many, the Tiny Desk, we are pleased to announce Zimplicity Director’s Desk! – a compilation of student talent, straight from behind the Director’s Desk at ASW. Be sure to check out the performance by the cast of West Side Story!!

We hope you will subscribe and listen for regular new episodes on both of our new channels.

PTO Meeting

I’ll be joining the PTO meeting on Friday to talk about some strategic work that is beginning. You may have noticed a recent article in the Warrior News on this topic. I’m looking forward to giving general updates on all things ASW, but also engaging parents in some plans to share and work on ideas together that may spark the school’s next strategic project. Please join us to hear about UN Day and to spend some time talking about school.

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