General Data Protection Regulation

A short note to herald the work being done by staff throughout the school in regards to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is coming into effect this month.  We are working diligently to implement all of the components of the new regulation and part of the process has been incremental changes to some of our agreements and systems that help us manage information that is processed on a daily basis.  We’ve done extensive data mapping and continue to work with an international working group on the topic.  Many of the systems at ASW were already compliant with the upcoming regulation and we are moving quickly to assure that all systems will be fully compliant in the coming months.  While we plan to have a more comprehensive campaign regarding this important new regulation, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the regulation and the stipulations therein.  You are likely already receiving notices from various online companies about your  participation in their systems and we will have similar as we return to school in August, if not earlier, via our PowerSchool system.  We presented our comprehensive audit on the topic to the board on Monday and clarified next steps in our process.  Policy was presented for first reading and we are well on our way to the next steps.  If you want to learn more about GDPR, you can go to the EU website on the topic at

Other items of attention:

  • Please come and join us on Saturday for the Warsaw Spring Cup, our first annual invitational track meet.  Along with visiting schools from Krakow, we’ll have guests from multiple schools here in Warsaw to join us for an event co-sponsored with local track club RK Athletics and our honored guest, Robert Korzeniowski, Poland’s Olympic Gold medalist race walker.  The opening presentation begins on Saturday at 9:00a in the Annex Gym.  Also on hand to help us in opening the ceremony will be John Armstrong, the US Embassy Economics Counselor and himself a former high school track participant.  Please join us!
  • There will no longer be a printed version of the calendar. All events can be found at the online calendar on the ASW website The Academic Calendars for next school years are listed on the websites as well. They can be downloaded and printed.
  • This is a reminder for all interested ASW families to sign up for the ASW Summer Camp 2018. There are still some spaces available and we are going to open it to a wider Warsaw Community on June 4th.  The details are below under School Wide section of this eNotes.
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Accreditation and Strategic Work


It’s important to gather our key documents together and you can now access the entire accreditation report via the link below.  We’re happy to share this compiled version that includes the letters of accreditation from both CIS and NEASC along with the entire self-study and the visiting team’s comments.

ASW Robotics Team

The ASW robotics team returns from the FTC World Championship in Detroit where the world was most definitely their classroom.  Out of 134 competing teams from all over the world, our team ended up 55th in their division. Bouncing back after numerous challenges, each of the member of the team pulled together and never gave up. The students had examples and were helped by many teams from all over the globe.  Friends were made and collaborations happened on many levels. Tips and technology that were shared helped us to get on our feet. Felix Morenc stepped up and became an FTC student ambassador from our team.  Shevy Gupts and Jack Kolenbrander spearheaded efforts for the tasks in the Fed Ex challenges. Juwon Park and Max Turner tirelessly coded and tweaked the mechanics of the robot during every minute of the pit time.  On a terrific side note, the boys had accommodations in the center between the home stadiums of the Detroit Lions, Tigers, Pistons, and Redwings. The team comes back in good spirits, more skilled, more knowledgeable, and eager to share and continue to develop the robotics program at the American School of Warsaw.

Campus Safety

A big thank you again to many of our community who assisted in arranging for the installation of our new road in back of the school.  We are still fine tuning this entry, but have a wonderful access for our families that depend on this entrance.  Thank you again for improvement in following all of our on campus rules and please note the new painting of lines and signage that should help you make the parking area safer for all of us.  A reminder that there is no parking in yellow areas and please also check your speeds on campus. We need to be going very slowly at all times and we appreciate your compliance with this important safety expectation.

High School Play

Students have worked very hard getting our last dramatic production ready for you this week.  It is a wonderful family friendly play that will offer both an evening and matinee performance.  Please join us for one or both:

The HS production of You Can’t Take it With You  is THIS Friday at 6pm and Saturday at 2 pm. Tickets for this hilarious, family-friendly comedy are 10 zloty, and will be on sale this every day this week outside the cafeteria, from 12:30 -1:50 or at the reception desk at other times. Some tickets may also be available at the door.

These students deserve a full house!!  Please join us!!

And, by the way, you can also cheer on our lady Warriors at the CEESA MS Girl’s Softball tournament before and after the play on both Friday and Saturday!

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Some items for your attention during break…

Limited Security Staff on Duty

During the vacation, we will have a lighter staff managing the facility.  You may find, during off hours, that the front metal gates will be closed.  We do have an intercom system installed near this entrance and you can call for assistance, but may need to wait for the guard to come from the building monitoring area.  For times where scheduled activities are booked, the normal procedure will be followed with guards greeting at the front entrance.  The back gate will be closed for the entire vacation.

We will still be hosting IB exams next week, so front entrance will be open in the morning and afternoon for students and staff who are on duty from Monday through Friday.  The admissions office will also be open next week for scheduled appointments.  If you have an urgent need, you can contact the direct Security Desk line at +48-22-702-8518.

Parking Lot Painting

Now that the weather has cleared, we will be refreshing the parking lot lines on the school grounds, including the crosswalks, arrows and general markers. Areas of the parking lot will be closed while this work is undertaken, further limiting access during the week.

As part of our work, we’ll also be adding yellow paint to curb areas that will now be clearly marked as “No Parking.”  These yellow areas required that drivers remain with their vehicle and much of this area constitutes our “Kiss and Go” zone for both pickup and drop off. You may not leave your vehicle unattended in these areas and any pause for more than a minute will require that you turn off engines while you wait.  If there is no space in the yellow area, you may continue to circle around the Elementary or Upper School zone, or you can park at your discretion.

Your attention to all of our painted areas is appreciated.  Currently, we are seeing great improvement in adherence to our traffic guidelines, which is making our campus safer for everyone.  I also appreciate the way that drivers are paying attention to turning their engines off while they wait in order to protect our environment.  Thank you for your cooperation with and collaboration in these improvements!!

Mark Your Calendar

Tickets for the hilarious comedy You Can’t Take it With You are on sale now outside the cafeteria from 12:30 -1:50 each day.

This family friendly HS production runs Friday, May 11th at 6pm and Saturday, May 12th at 2pm. Tickets are 10 zloty, so hurry and get them now!

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Calling all Makers!!


It’s time!!  It’s our second annual tradition at ASW to bring all of our Makers together for an extravaganza in the form of a Faire – and we need YOU!!!  Please join us in helping at the many booths that will be setup on the day.  Activities for all ages, parents demonstrating or just helping in making sure students have exposure to the beauty and elegance of creation from design.  Whatever you think you might be able to share or even if you can just help on the day, this is a pivotal opportunity for the community to come together and provide a unique experience for our kids that is closely aligned with our core values.  WE NEED YOU!!!

Head here to sign-up:

CEESA Concert Opportunity

We have a very special event this weekend as we host the CEESA Band and Choir gathering at ASW.  For all of you, it means lots of music going on around the school with our many guests that arrived today!!  There is a unique opportunity to join us for a finale concert on Saturday night at 6:00 p.m. in our Theater.  All of the visiting students and our own students will perform for us after some days of collaboration and practice.  Given our recent wonderful presentations, this event promises to be a real tweet.

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