Some items for your attention during break…

Limited Security Staff on Duty

During the vacation, we will have a lighter staff managing the facility.  You may find, during off hours, that the front metal gates will be closed.  We do have an intercom system installed near this entrance and you can call for assistance, but may need to wait for the guard to come from the building monitoring area.  For times where scheduled activities are booked, the normal procedure will be followed with guards greeting at the front entrance.  The back gate will be closed for the entire vacation.

We will still be hosting IB exams next week, so front entrance will be open in the morning and afternoon for students and staff who are on duty from Monday through Friday.  The admissions office will also be open next week for scheduled appointments.  If you have an urgent need, you can contact the direct Security Desk line at +48-22-702-8518.

Parking Lot Painting

Now that the weather has cleared, we will be refreshing the parking lot lines on the school grounds, including the crosswalks, arrows and general markers. Areas of the parking lot will be closed while this work is undertaken, further limiting access during the week.

As part of our work, we’ll also be adding yellow paint to curb areas that will now be clearly marked as “No Parking.”  These yellow areas required that drivers remain with their vehicle and much of this area constitutes our “Kiss and Go” zone for both pickup and drop off. You may not leave your vehicle unattended in these areas and any pause for more than a minute will require that you turn off engines while you wait.  If there is no space in the yellow area, you may continue to circle around the Elementary or Upper School zone, or you can park at your discretion.

Your attention to all of our painted areas is appreciated.  Currently, we are seeing great improvement in adherence to our traffic guidelines, which is making our campus safer for everyone.  I also appreciate the way that drivers are paying attention to turning their engines off while they wait in order to protect our environment.  Thank you for your cooperation with and collaboration in these improvements!!

Mark Your Calendar

Tickets for the hilarious comedy You Can’t Take it With You are on sale now outside the cafeteria from 12:30 -1:50 each day.

This family friendly HS production runs Friday, May 11th at 6pm and Saturday, May 12th at 2pm. Tickets are 10 zloty, so hurry and get them now!

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Calling all Makers!!


It’s time!!  It’s our second annual tradition at ASW to bring all of our Makers together for an extravaganza in the form of a Faire – and we need YOU!!!  Please join us in helping at the many booths that will be setup on the day.  Activities for all ages, parents demonstrating or just helping in making sure students have exposure to the beauty and elegance of creation from design.  Whatever you think you might be able to share or even if you can just help on the day, this is a pivotal opportunity for the community to come together and provide a unique experience for our kids that is closely aligned with our core values.  WE NEED YOU!!!

Head here to sign-up:

CEESA Concert Opportunity

We have a very special event this weekend as we host the CEESA Band and Choir gathering at ASW.  For all of you, it means lots of music going on around the school with our many guests that arrived today!!  There is a unique opportunity to join us for a finale concert on Saturday night at 6:00 p.m. in our Theater.  All of the visiting students and our own students will perform for us after some days of collaboration and practice.  Given our recent wonderful presentations, this event promises to be a real tweet.

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Let music fill the air!!

Pic from HS Band and Choir Concert

We had a wonderful Band and Choir Concert on Tuesday night, with our students providing us with instrumental and vocal bliss, regaling the seasons through song and dance (loved the Rumanja shuffle)!  Rock and Rota last weekend was also a wonderful success with guitar festival following that had melodic harmonies wafting through the rafters throughout the school. Thanks go to the entire Performing arts teams, but especially to our directors: Ms. Bechdoldt, Mr. Armstrong, and Mr. Celinski.

So, I’m shouting out a challenge to all to help us fill the theater for one more performance coming on Thursday night for the Middle School Band and Choir, 6:00 p.m.  Please think about joining us and applauding for our kids to honor their preparation and commitment.  Will be an engaging night of song, all as we also prepare for our 130+ guests coming to the CEESA Band and Choir Festival the weekend of April 18-22.  Book now for Saturday night, April 21st, to join us in the Theater for the finale of the festival, which always promises to thrill and impress!

Finally, a note of encouragement:  In the spring time, we all beginning to focus on thinking ahead to next school year.  In that regard, it is time for returning parents to start considering their role in partnering with the school beyond just being a parent.  ASW has always placed a high value on our parent partnership.  Many roles for next year are beginning to emerge that are seeking your time and talent.  In the early stages, we earnestly ask you to consider taking on roles in PTO as they start to finalize their leadership team for 2018-2019.  Whether as committee chair or on the board, they need leadership that will continue to build and inspire everything possible to extend and enrich the school experience for all of our students and families.  Scroll down to the PTO section to find out more and please contact PTO leaders quickly to get involved!!



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Spring – Finally!!

What a beautiful day today!!  I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful spring weather and basked in the sunshine.

It was great to also get our traffic back to normal with the re-opening of our back entrance.  With the traffic now rebalanced back to our regular flow, the lines and wait times disappeared.    You may now readjust your departure times accordingly so that all are arriving at their usual time.

As noted in my message, we are thankful that the Hinckfuss family allowed us to return to access of our road while negotiations continue.  We are hopeful of a positive outcome, but we should caution that legal matters can sometime be unpredictable as we work towards longer term solutions.  To that end, we have backup plans now in place should they be required.

We want to thank the many members of the community that stepped forward with ideas and suggestions.  We gleaned many suggestions from others and appreciate tremendously your contributions.  In particular, the support of the Real2B developers and their willingness to work with us on alternative plans was very helpful and much appreciated, setting the stage for a wonderful partnership in the future.  But, particularly want to mention Mr. Peter Wasserman for his support in recent days.  Thank you so much for your help!!

Also, thanks go out to everyone for pulling together during our entrance challenge.  We all appreciate how all demonstrated tremendous flexibility and patience during our traffic lines.  Still smiling as you entered the front gate each day, despite the long wait, was a wonderful testament to our sense of community and the partnership we all enjoy!!

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