Some security tweaks…

We are taking the new year as an opportunity to implement some additional tweaks to our security plan that were recommended by our ongoing review of practices and procedures. ASW will now require all vehicles to be registered for campus access.  Over the coming weeks, parking permits will be provided to all parents and staff who request them along with a valid ID.  You may register and pick up parking permits from the Security Desk at the main entrance (Maximum of 3 vehicles per family). Permits will be tied to individual cars and should be hung from the rearview mirror or placed behind the windshield so that they are visible when entering campus and while the vehicle is parked on campus.   Until February 21st, security will be reminding everyone without a permit about the new requirement. After February 22nd, vehicles will not be permitted to enter the campus without a permit.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in implementing this quickly and efficiently during the coming month!

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Welcome Back!!

I hope everyone has returned refreshed and ready for ASW, 2019-2020, Part 2! Wishing you all well from afar as I’m out on the recruiting road seeking new staff for ASW for next year. As is the case every year, we will have some staff turnover, much as we do in our diplomatic and expatriate community. We are in the process of hiring now and looking to bring our process to quick conclusions. More details on this will eventually be posted here on Zimplicity and in future eNotes in order to keep you informed. I will return on Tuesday next week.

In the meantime, I know that we are all watching world events with some concern at the moment. I know that this can cause some levels of stress for our families, especially for those from selected regions of the world. As a community, we value our diversity and our collective regard for each other in times of concern and instability. Please know that we are monitoring for stress in our children during times like this and strive to make sure that our school is a safe place and supportive of their concerns as their age allows them to become aware of world events. One helpful site worth reviewing is here:

Much of this advice is part of the way we respond to world events that may be hard for children to understand. As the website points out, it is helpful to recognize that children are more aware at times than we might realize. Helping them to make sense of things is important and listening can be a key strategy for understanding their confusion and helping them resolve their concerns. Please let our counselors or your child’s teacher know if you have any concerns and know that we have other resources available as needed.

Best wishes to all on our first week back and I’ll look forward to greeting you at the entrance next week.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ho Ho Ho!!!

While there are important notes below, please know that our greetings for a prosperous New Year and a Merry Christmas follow you wherever you choose to go during the holidays!! We are excited by the accomplishments since August and thrilled with the possibilities of the remainder of the school year. As I noted in recent remarks, I have a fond hope that 2020, the start of a new decade, will inspire vision and clarity in a world seemingly torn by conflict and confusion. This decade should one of addressing our challenges openly and thoughtfully in the spirit of truth and collaboration. May I offer a hope for all of you that the new decade is especially kind to our students who will graduate in the next ten years. Beginning with our first class of the decade, we hope for pathways to success and opportunity, unbounded by prejudice and discrimination. The resolution of 2020 must be one of kindness and compassion with a focus on global leadership above national greed. I will continue my mission with all who will participate to prepare this planet for our children in a way that makes us proud to hand them the keys!! Give everyone a hug for Mr. Z during the special days ahead.

Facility Access During the Holidays

While after hours access will continue during the holidays for outside facilities, please be advised that we will have a limited security team with only two guards on duty.  One at 24×7 desk, and a single walking patrol. After hours and on weekends and holidays, the outer gate may be closed. Those who want to enter campus will need to call the security desk using the phone number that is posted at the front entrance. The back entrance will not be open during the holidays. All normal access rules apply.

Career Fair

Parents from some sectors are still needed for the upcoming Career Fair on Thursday, January 30th.  Thank you to those who have already volunteered. We are honored by the turnout across all areas. Our hope is to get about 10 more participants in the field of law, medicine, sustainability, environment, and/or the arts. We have a good number of business people and engineers and a wide range of other fields. We have hundreds of students who would like to hear from parents and community members about their profession and present it to our students.  You can still sign up HERE!!

One More Reminder – Project Manager

We are now reviewing candidate applications, so please be reminded that we are looking for a project manager to serve in an advancement role for the school. The position announcement is HERE. Last chance to apply for this unique role!

Another Reminder: The deadline for withdrawal from second semester with a partial refund of fees is December 15 (that’s Monday). After December 15, no refund will be possible. Details about refunds can be found on our website here:

Zimplicity Director’s Desk Video Podcast (New Holiday Videos!!)
Zimplicity Podcast

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This week and looking forward

Water Issues

First, my thanks for your patience and flexibility as we dealt with our water issue this week. It’s always a daunting challenge when we face environmental issues like this and have to address these through our emergency planning. In this case, our plans and reviews worked efficiently and our staff did a great job of identifying the issue, communicating it, and quickly applying remedies. It’s in these moments that you truly appreciate your support staff who spent countless hours protecting the environment for our students. There were many trips to facilities and offices, phone calls with representative and testing labs, monitoring of reports and results. My thanks go out to our team for all of their wonderful efforts on behalf of all the students in our care!


As you may remember, each year in November, we ask staff to make their decisions about returning for the next school year. We have just completed this project and staff have informed us of their intent. We’ll have detailed information about this out to you after the start of the new calendar year and our return in January. As usual, a majority of staff are returning for next year.

One item of note was the recent announcement by Ms. Jen Munnerlyn, Elementary Principal, that she has accepted a position as the new Director of Lower School at the American School of Madrid starting in August 2020. We are very happy for the Munnerlyns and will plan for opportunities toward the end of the school year for proper farewells as they embark on their next adventure.

A Search Committee has been formed under my direction and we began our work this morning preparing the position announcement for this important role. We are planning a process that will include ample opportunities for all stakeholders to be involved in helping us select the next principal for the Elementary. This will include finalist visits and opportunities to provide feedback to the committee for their deliberations. We’ll provide more details on this in January when we return from the break.

‘Tis the Season

If you have joined us last week for Band or this week for Choir, you have had a wonderful experience of music accomplishment. Our thanks to all the students performing and to the talented directors (Ms. Bechdolt & Ms. Lyons) for their amazing work!! We still have one more remaining and hope that many of you will join us for the Guitar Concert on Tuesday night at 6p in the Theater!

Also, the Arts Department will maintain its displays this week. They were a hit last night at the choir concert when they were unveiled and important that you stop in and take a look!

One Last Reminder

We are about to start reviewing candidate applications, so please be reminded that we are looking for a project manager to serve in an advanced role for the school. The position announcement is HERE. Last chance to apply for this unique role!

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