Celebrating the Milestones

In the coming days, we begin a series of events that are considered important milestones in life.   A milestone is defined as…

…a significant stage or event in the development of something.

School has always been a place where many reflect on how these growing and becoming milestones are achieved.  This weekend, we start with graduation for our oldest students.  We look forward to celebrating their achievements, and in the true spirit of a milestone, giving them cementing both memories and a pathway.  Graduation, like many milestones in schooling and life, is not about a destination, but more about holding onto the momentum and continuing the journey.  For all our students, pivotal milestone moments allow an opportunity to breathe so that we can celebrate, reflect, and then continue in the journey undeterred.

We live both in the moment and in the plan.  Let’s rejoice in how we kept learning enabled, with or without challenge, and embrace the “growing” in all its forms.  Let’s start with graduates and then look for each of our milestones between now and the final assembly bells, encouraging and enabling those most precious to us, the children we all nurture and serve.

Tragedy Again

I could not write today without at least mentioning the tragedy in the United States unfolding in recent hours in Uvalde, Texas.  I can’t be silent.  No child should ever have their life snatched away, whether in war, from famine/disease, or at the hands of deranged individuals.  I agree with all who are suggesting that we have to find active and urgent ways to bring this kind of senseless loss to an end.  As a family of human beings living together on this planet, we need to find a better path. ASW’s mission is to change the world for the better.  All of the adults of the world need to consider it their mission to change the world for the better for our children.  As a parent, my heart cries for the families in Texas, who are now engulfed in grief.  Please keep them in your thoughts in the days and weeks ahead.  If students are struggling with this recent news in any way, please reach out to our counsellors for support.


A final plea to get your tickets soon so that we can lock in numbers for our special event.  We will have a wonderful crowd at this spectacular event and I’m very much looking forward to it!  Thank you for watching my video last week and please share your thoughts with me to help guide us in our future endeavours in this area of service and advancement under Culture of Giving.

Living our Mission and Core Values

Additional Update on COVID

On Monday we noted the reduction of protocols and suspended the “Test-to-Attend” program.  Today we are announcing that next week (May 23-27) we will end regular testing for the remainder of the school year.  Based on the data recorded to date, this has been approved as our next viable next step and a way of closing the year consistent with what we see in terms of risk level in the current environment.  We will maintain a shorter morning testing time for both “Test-to-Stay” which will still be required for all close contacts in a household.  But, our testing in cohorts will end next Friday.

An endemic approach requires that we continue our watchful eye on any potential increase in infections.  Therefore, we will continue with daily attestation in OK4School.  But, starting after next week, you will no longer be prompted for a test expiration and we will rely entirely on the daily survey and your at-home checks.  We continue to encourage the use of home tests in the face of emerging symptoms and personal responsibility for self-isolation to protect the broader community in the case of illness.  Thank you for all you do to help us remain safe and secure each day at school.  Watch for Monday’s Weekly Update for further directions on next steps.

Mother’s Day Around the World

Belated wishes to many of the Mothers of our community and their celebrations last Sunday in honour of your special day.  We recognize the importance of celebrating all that you do for your children.  In that regard, I hope that the children of ASW took this opportunity to cherish and care for you in essential ways with extra hugs and much lovingkindness to show their awe and appreciation for all that you do.

But, we should also be quick to mention that many countries celebrate Mothers on different dates.  Poland officially celebrates Mother’s Day on May 26.  France follows shortly thereafter on May 29 along with the Dominican Republic and Sweden.  Spain, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, and Lithuania celebrated on May 1st.  Other dates in various countries include February 13, November 27, August 12, October 16, and June 12 in 2022.  In our diverse community, it means we are celebrating Mother’s Day throughout the year, as it should be! 😉

Wishing you all the best and thank you for all that you do!!


Hoping you have had a chance to check out our website and consider joining us for an elegant evening here at ASW in support of our programs at our inaugural event.  We are moving quickly towards our date, so please consider joining us by purchasing tickets either as an individual or as a group or corporate sponsor.  Our partnerships are very important to us, and would be so happy to have you with us at this important event!



We had a wonderful PYPx for our Grade 5 students last week.  Each year this constitutes a significant capstone of the elementary experience where years of learned skills are brought together into a multi-disciplinary project.  We should applaud the talented and capable staff of the elementary school and all the volunteer adult mentors and experts who helped to make this a robust and rewarding experience for our students.  The projects were a dazzling array of ideas and actions that will have a profound impact on our school and community, demonstrating a key part of our mission – changing the world for the better.  See below for more information in the elementary section of this eNotes.

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