Our work continues…

Lots happening right now as we move into the more busy time of spring. Please see the items below.

Board Election

Today (Wednesday) you will receive your personalized ballot for ASW Board of Trustee Elections.  As a reminder, here are our candidates:

  • Heather Rogers (US Seat) – VIDEO – FLYER
  • Sachin Dua (non-US Seat) – VIDEO – FLYER
  • Amila de Saram-Larssen (non-US Seat) – VIDEO – FLYER

Ms. Rogers will be running unopposed, whereas Ms. de Saram-Larssen and Mr. Dua will compete for the available non-US citizen seat.  Your ballot will include a personalized link that can only be used by you.  An invite will be sent to all parents registered in our system at your registered email.  Please contact us at director@aswarsaw.org if you do not receive your ballot in the next 24-hours.  You will receive reminders until you cast your ballot and click on submit.  The voting closes at midnight on March 31 and the results will be certified by the board at their regular meeting on April 19.

Board Decision on Calendar

Please see the letter sent earlier today. You can also access it here: https://aswboard.ongoodbits.com/

Based on that letter and decision, the revised 2020-2021 calendar will be posted on our website later this week and you’ll find it here: https://www.aswarsaw.org/about-us/calendar

Community Vaccination Update

We have updated the form for community vaccination under the criteria previously stated. Recently announced decisions have expanded the eligibility down to age 60+. We are now scheduling a date and will follow-up for confirmation of your intent for that date and time, along with details. If you want to take advantage of vaccination under this collaboration with Jutro Medical, you must sign-up by tomorrow, Thursday, March 25 so that we can confirm the time and date at school for Jutro to come. We have enough interest to offer this date, but advance commitments will be required. This vaccination is offered to the ASW Community as a service to ASW members and close family. You can also signup on the government-provided website and through other providers under the same parameters. We’ll continue to assess how much vaccination opportunity we will provide onsite at ASW as vaccine distribution continues. Our form is here:

Enrollment Agreement

To those who have completed their seat deposit and are continuing their enrollment at the American School of Warsaw, we thank you!  As noted in the  Board Chairman’s letter sent to parents on February 19, 2021, Student Enrollment Agreements have been updated to reflect current regulations such as new data protection laws and other policy updates.  All returning students will now need to sign a new Student Enrollment Agreement in order to continue into the 2021-22 school year.  New students for next year have already started that process using the revised agreement. We are now able to do this process electronically!!

The links below will guide you in signing the agreement through your Powerschool account.

We are asking you to sign your new agreement before April 30, 2021.  It is best to use a computer rather than a mobile device for this task.  You will need your passport or dowod osobisty number handy for entering it into the contract form. You’ll also need access to your registered email account for the required verification process.

Should you have any questions please contact us at businessoffice@aswarsaw.org.

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The movement toward recovery continues…

Lots happening in this edition of eNotes. As you can see below, we have a High School play this week and the excitement is palpable. There is an audience (students only and proper distancing), but the thrill of still being able to perform and follow-through on this activity has been tremendously rewarding, both for the students and the staff involved. I keep running into Ms. Bechdoldt and she is literally walking on clouds.

We also are launching the Precious Plastics project via Town Hall tonight and excited that their new grant-funded facility is up and running across from the High School and Middle School entrance next to our maintenance department and greenhouse. Take a look – lots of windows so you can see their progress as they initiate this onsite recycling of plastics. The ideas are brewing and you’ll see more as they start ramping up to production mode.

Adult Vaccination

Currently, registration is open for some categories of chronically ill individuals for vaccination.   Only narrow categories are included, so please check HERE to see if you qualify.  You can register on the government website and they will contact you with reservations at authorized sites.

In addition, we can also start arranging with Jutro Medical for onsite vaccination of the above and the additional group of age 67+, closely followed next week by 65+ general public vaccination.  Jutro Medical will arrange for onsite delivery if we have sufficient interest.  If you are interested in onsite vaccination at ASW in the evening or on the weekends here at school, we are ready to arrange it. (Please – only these categories are being scheduled at this time. Other groups/ages will have a new form when they are authorized.)

To show your interest, we have a form prepared here that also includes additional information:


Fill this out once for each person who wishes to get vaccinated.  You can submit multiple entries. Please complete by Monday (March 22, 2021) and we will contact you on the scheduling of a date. You will then be asked to confirm your reservation.

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Confirming Re-Enrollment and Last Call Board of Trustees

Each year at about this same time, we ask current families to extend their commitment to ASW in the form of a non-refundable seat deposit for the next academic year. This year, more than any other, it constitutes a critical reflection on how well we have served you in order to hold your trust, validated by extending your time in our midst. It is also a reflection of our continued commitment to you to continue the work that we do to keep the school open, keeping learning engaged and relevant to the hopes and dreams of our students despite the crisis we have all confronted. While there are costs associated with this journey, it is much more than a fee and a contract, but more about a relationship and a bond with a commitment to getting through this together.

Friday, March 12, is your deadline for that seat deposit. We have many applications across all grade levels that we are considering now, including placing a hold on some because we are already full at selected grade levels. The non-refundable deposit is the only way to secure your place for next year, which until Friday is guaranteed. Invoices remain available in PowerSchool.

We are also asking for your support as agents of our community to share the good news of what we have accomplished with others in the area who may be interested in joining us. At some grade levels, space is available and the message should be: “Apply soon in order to get an available space!” We rely on your positive reflections on ASW that makes all of you the best ambassadors for our school. For your support in this way, now and in the future, accept our earnest gratitude.

Last chance – Board appointment/election

This is your final reminder that the BoT is seeking candidates for Trustees (U.S. citizens and Non-U.S. citizens) who are willing to begin serving in the 2021-2022 school year. This process, overseen by the BoT Governance Committee, is in the final stages for both applications for appointment and nominations for election through a unified form. The link to our form is here:


We need your responses TODAY!

You can find more information about the BoT, including the composition of the board and qualifications at the following:


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