Updating our Protocols and Reminders

COVID Protocol Updates and Dates

We find ourselves at a crossroads yet again with improving conditions, but an air of caution because caseloads, while demonstrating a downward trend are only moving slowly in the right direction. It seems that each day we are encouraged only to be followed by a day where there is a list again. This is challenging for trying to drive projections and move forward with implementing strategies that we see in other places in the world. But, we also know that this pandemic has taught us that no two places are the same and each must be viewed in its own context. This was the reason that the US CDC changed its guidance. First, they change the criteria being used and second they no longer provide global guidance, but three levels of guidance based on localized circumstances. If you are in an area of high spread, you have more restrictions, low area, less restrictions. Sound familiar? Yes, the CDC seems to have affirmed our approach of a low/medium/high posture with regards to protocols.

Tonight we are announcing a schedule of incremental changes over the coming weeks that we intend to constitute moving from Medium level to Low level in some areas of our overall plan. The main document has been updated and can be found here for your review:


But, the main report does not specify the levels and where we intend to move while we continue to monitor the results. Here is the summary of our changes by date we tentatively intend to implement.

  • March 21 – Expand events access, relax cafeteria practices, and testing to once per week
  • March 28 – Relax cohort isolation (various facilities and pathways)
  • April 4 (tentative) – relax indoor mask mandate – conditional on case management, home testing, attestation, and survey results.

We intend to send details each week in our Weekly bulletins on how each area will be implemented and the slides presented tonight at Town Hall are included HERE in advance and have more detail drawn from the main guiding document. Please join us to ask your questions.

In addition, we are launching a survey on the final steps on April 4 and would seek input from all constituents before finalizing that stage. That survey is HERE (you’ll need your my.aswkey.org – parents – or school email login – students and staff – to participate).

Thanks as always for those who give us feedback. We appreciate your participation and engagement!

Time to get on board – my.aswkey.org

ASW has recently launched a new Parent Portal my.aswkey.org. The portal is a great source of information and a gateway to all school services such as PowerSchool, ManageBac, Seesaw, and more.  There, parents can find the latest issues of the eNotes, news and resources provided by the counselors as well as photo galleries from the latest events taking place at school. We encourage all parents to visit the portal to view the photos from the recent Middle School musical “Fame”, US VP Kamala Harris visit, or a TVP World coverage of ASW support for Ukraine refugees. To log in, please make sure you get your new “MyASWKey” accounts up and running!

Should you need any assistance logging in please contact help@my.aswarsaw.org.  Frequently asked questions and supporting videos and documentation can be found HERE.

Introducing New Staff

Speaking of the my.aswkey.org account above, if you want to read the bios of our new staff for 2022-2023, you can go HERE, but you’ll need your new credentials to access this (see above).

Save the Date – June 4, 2022 – Inaugural Gala – “A Stroll Around

As the community continues its impressive response to support the needs of Ukrainian refugees, we are committed to continue and even grow our efforts. Further, we are also committed to developing our capacity to respond to other needs–some that preceded this situation and some that will exist after.  It is precisely for these reasons we established our initiative to formalize and enhance a “Culture of Giving” at ASW.  We are pleased to ask you to mark your calendar for the first Saturday in June for an inaugural event.

Celebrate, showcase, and support the members of our community and the enduring impact their actions have. Proceeds will be directed to ASW’s efforts to extend and continue support the Ukrainian refugees as well as the school’s service learning and scholarship programs.

Service Showcase *  Raffle  *  Student Art & Performances  * Reception, Dinner, and Dance 

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