Heads Up – Together We May Gather!

As some of you might have already noticed, we distributed posters around the school yesterday promoting our Culture of Giving Fundraising Event entitled “Art and Music Extravaganza” and scheduled for June 5, 2021.

Together with the active support of our PTO, we would like to tentatively plan for this live open-air event on the territory of ASW.  The final decision if a live event is feasible will be confirmed during the second week of May.  The decision to go ahead will depend on how to safely provide this for our community following the safety protocols that have been so successful at school. Factors to consider in order to proceed with the event involved community spread assessment, government guidelines and restrictions, school community parameters, current health advisors’ recommendations, and general feedback from ASW stakeholders.

If we decide against a live event, then we would still have an Art and Music Extravaganza Fundraising Event, but in an online format. Please rest assured that if we do decide to proceed with a live event, it will be orchestrated with the highest standard of personal safety and following all COVID-19 mitigation protocols.

One of the main aspects of the Art and Music Extravaganza Fundraising will be a silent auction of various art pieces.  So if you, a member of your family, or friends are artists, we encourage you to create and donate art for the auction.  As well, if you have a good piece of art at home that you are thinking of replacing, also, please consider donating it to this Fundraising Event. We are looking to auction paintings, photographs, ceramics, sculptures, and any other form of artistic expression. A portion of the proceeds from the silent auction will go towards supporting art and music education at an orphanage that ASW currently supports. Details on where art donations can be delivered will be communicated after the May holidays on the event website, accessible through the QR code found on the poster and here: https://www.aswarsaw.org/giving/events

This first Culture of Giving Fundraising Event will become an active part of our mission to be a community determined to “change the world for the better.”

Vaccination Next Opportunity & New Staff

Now that the restrictions on vaccination are opening up further, there is less ability to schedule vaccination on-site at ASW. Most agencies are limiting us to using their facilities and are setting up new facilities to accommodate the projected additional load.

Despite this, we will try to get another opportunity for vaccination her at ASW – one more before summer. This requires sign-up first, so here is the link for those who are interested. If we are able to arrange a date, we’ll send it to this group only for final registration once confirmed. Click HERE to register your interest in vaccination at ASW or as a group at the Vaxmed facility (see below) for 40+ age levels.

In regards to Vaxmed, our current partner, they have offered dedicated time blocks for the ASW Community in their new facility at Generała Kazimierza Sosnkowskiego 1C, about 30 minutes from here as groups. But, you can also arrange your own appointment with them through their website or via the government registration system.

Vaccination point Wilanów – Branickiego 15 (but may be closing)
Vaccination point Ursus – Sosnkowskiego 1C
tel.: +48-881 221 433

Other medical entities with supply available have recently been suggested by other parents. Provided here for your reference. Some are a bit of travel from here, but they suggest that they have sufficient supply and are supporting 40+.

Revita Medical Center (requires government pre-registration, PESEL, and 40+)
ul Kombatantów 10A15-110 Białystok
tel.: +48-733002717

PUNKT SZCZEPIEŃ POWSZECHNYCH W SIEMIATYCZACH (requires only name, surname, passport number or PESEL, 40+)
Phone: +48-856-552-860 (registration between 8am-3pm)

Some other notes:

  • On May 10, registration will be opening for all 18+ (appointments 4-6 weeks afterward)
  • All wanting vaccines should have access by August.

Also of note is that all numbers are continuing to trend downwards (hospitalizations, ventilator use, quarantine, % positivity). But, we are not out of the most recent wave yet and should remain cautious.

Board Election Announcement

We’re pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees certified the election results at their meeting on Monday. Welcome to our two new board members:

  • Heather Rogers (US Seat) – VIDEO – FLYER
  • Amila de Saram-Larssen (non-US Seat) – VIDEO – FLYER

Many thanks to all who put themselves forward as candidates and thank you to the 400+ ballots that were cast by the community!

New Staff Published

Pleased to announce that the new staff list for next year is now published on Zimplicity. Excited to be done with recruiting for next year and ready to welcome our newest Warriors in August!!

IB Decision and the final stretch…

IB Decision for Poland

As many may be aware, the International Baccalaureate announced their decision yesterday to cancel final exams for our Grade 12 Diploma students, as they did last year. It was disappointing given our unique situation at ASW where we felt fully prepared to sit exams and provide that key opportunity for our students to demonstrate their acquired capabilities. After our meeting today with IB leadership, it has become clear that an exception to the country-wide declaration would not be approved.

I know that this decision has sown much discord in our senior class already. While we thank you for your input, the matter is now settled and it should be clear that our interest in pursuing all options was entirely focused on our role as advocates for ALL of our students and their best interests. We remain as such, your advocates, but now focused on the non-exam route and our energies will legitimately shift to making sure that all relevant evidence is ready to assure good outcomes for the class of 2021. We feel confident that we can achieve that for each of our students and the High School administration and faculty will work tirelessly in the coming days to make sure students understand all elements of the process going forward. Our advantage lies in the good work that has been accomplished this year in classrooms and the degree to which our teachers have a solid grasp on student performance and capabilities. Faculty work in the coming days will be challenging and I want to thank them all for their diligence in advance! More information will come directly from the High School in the coming days. Stay strong and united in your final days now that the decision is made.

Other Notes

We are back in school and heading into the final stretch of our school year, which now ends on June 11. Many things ahead that we are hoping to master in the time remaining, not the least of which is closure on major learning activities culminating in the coming weeks.

A shout out to our Grade 10 students who are in the final stages of their Personal Project. This is a critical waypoint of their learning journey before moving into the Diploma Programme. I’m hopeful that they have found this experience rewarding and they wrapped their learning around a cross-disciplinary approach. We should also remember the cadre of mentors who stepped up to provide guidance along the way. It has been a journey, to say the least. For most, the deeper insight into their thinking will yield an important foundation for more advanced pursuits starting next year. PYPx is also on the horizon for our Grade 5 students, an equally important milestone in the IB journey before progressing into the MYP.

We should also mention Faculty and Staff Appreciation coming next week. PTO is planning some important activities to show our appreciation in a unique way. As always, their creative talents and energy are in full gear and please see their message below asking for your help.

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