Looking Forward

Hoping you all received the communication from the ASW Board of Trustees earlier today. In case you missed it, you can also view it here:

In the spirit of this letter, we are planning ahead now for the upcoming Winter Break and the other long breaks for the remainder of the year. Our experience with the recent October break has been reviewed and we expect to roll out our planning next week for your consideration. It is important to note that we are not planning any change to our calendar or days between now and our last day before the holiday on December 18. All of our planning is focusing on the period of time following the holidays and mitigation for safety. You have time to offer input on that decision-making this week. Just add a note in the rolling survey after our Town Hall meeting to share your thoughts on what you think we should do following the holiday. The rolling feedback survey is here:

We are always reviewing your comments in the survey along with your feedback on confidence in our decisions and our approach. The most recent charting of that is here with 96 responses during the last two weeks (1 is low, 10 is high):

I want to thank you for your positive feedback and hopeful we can continue to receive your support and guidance.

Finally, I want to thank our PTO and the many country representatives for their work in getting ready for our postponed United Nations Day next week. We have a live stream opening next week and we have opened the door to national dress costumes on the day which we encourage at all levels.

Our theme: Unity and Peace through Compassion Kindness, and Hope

An important theme for the current state of the world. I’ll send a reminder early next week with details on the Livestream presentation. I know we can’t gather like usual this year, but I expect that we can do many wonderful things here at school to embrace our diversity. Thank you to all who are helping to make this as special as possible.

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Many Things Ahead

Our thanks to PTO and all the creative minds of the community as you take on the challenge of our UN Day format. It’s important to continue to value and share our diversity this year under extraordinary challenges. But, we know the parent community is up to this and look forward to your contributions. Thank you in advance for your participation.

We have some drama productions that will still try to get on stage despite our inability to provide the robust audiences we would normally invite. We are following some strict protocols to still give our thespians a platform for developing their skills for the future. It may be different, but they are rising to the challenge. Look for virtual links of these important ac

Finally, I would ask you to please head to the rolling parent survey that I have in each Daily Update. I need a more robust data set this time to give me a picture of how parents are feeling in the moment and in advance of the board meeting on Monday. Please take the time to fill out this survey – it’s only three questions and you are already familiar with it: https://forms.gle/gfzyE3BAonpvHuam8

Finally, we have a board meeting on Monday, November 16, and information on the board packet and details on virtually attending will come out on Friday, as usual.

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Welcome Back!

I hope all had a nice break that has refreshed you for the weeks ahead. We are looking forward to the period between now and the holidays, always with some of our most significant work of the year.

I hope you all had powerful parent conferences. I heard many great things about our virtual structure and how it was an important time with teachers talking about your student. Remember that teachers are available to you at other times in addition to conferences. If you have concerns, please reach out for additional time to talk and know that we try to make ourselves available to address any issue with expediency. As I’ve said at many new parent orientation meetings: Don’t wait! We want to make sure our partnership serves the needs of your children throughout the year.

Big thank you to PTO for their work in being creative once again with our Halloween celebration. Decorations at our entrances really captured the spirit of the season! And the contest on FlipGrid was amazing! We have some great pumpkin artists out there.

We had some wonderful dialog the other day about silver linings and looking for the many things we have learned and better understood through adversity. I came upon a Marilyn Monroe quote that seemed to fit the moment: “Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” In the coming weeks, we may have to face some things falling apart in order to find the path to greater cohesion and capability. In that journey, we are all together and enriched by our daily accomplishments. Wishing you all the best and welcome back!

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