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Please join me in welcoming Matthew Turner to ASW as a temporary Warrior in the counselling department!!  Matt is a long time international school counsellor having served at Jakarta International School and Singapore American School.  He now runs a consulting service, Family Pathways and Solutions, where he works with international schools worldwide.  Matt has arrived and will join us tomorrow to support primarily our MS Counseling needs while both Ms. Skoczylas and Ms. Kielczewska transition back to work after the tragic loss of Ms. Kielczewska’s young daughter, Iga.

Ms. Skoczylas and Mr. Turner will start working together in the Middle School office and Ms. Kielczewska plans to return sometime after the February break.  Mr. Turner will remain with us to support until at least Mid-March.

Many thanks to everyone who has been supporting our counselling needs during this difficult time. Please express your gratitude to the Upper School administration and the schoolwide counselling team for their efforts in recent weeks.

My thanks to the entire ASW Community for their efforts in helping us during this current COVID wave and during our recent tragedies. We were all blessed with the time afforded us on Monday to say our farewells to Ms. Olczak and in recent weeks for all of our condolence activities. We now have a memory book started for Ms. Olczak and you should look to your bulletins for directions on accessing this book to add your message to the family.


Please look for a message tomorrow from the Chair of the Board of Trustees regarding the re-enrollment process for next year after Board decisions on Monday night. Thanks in advance for your attention to the necessary steps to prepare for next year.

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