As we head into a break…

It does now seem clear that we are moving into an easing of COVID concerns and we are monitoring accordingly. As suggested in Monday’s Weekly bulletin, we have done incremental adjustments to our protocols after the initial changes from last week. We know that more updates are going to be warranted soon, but there is no clarity on this and everyone remains concerned about travel during the break that might re-ignite cases again. In recent weeks, we can report that a small percentage of our cases were identified as likely related to travel. Additionally, while our statistics suggest milder symptoms for the current predominant variant, there were still a few recorded cases of more severe disease amongst our youngest, including a couple of emergency room visits. These small statistics are what causes us to remain cautious and not make decisions too quickly that overly increase the risk of more serious outcomes.

In order to return safely after the break, we have prepared a schedule for re-entry testing, as we usually do, and we are announcing a one-day virtual day on Monday, February 28 in order to check the population before returning to regular school. We have scheduled re-entry testing and enabled family-based appointments in PowerSchool. The times are as follows:

  • February 27th (Sunday) 12PM – 4PM
  • February 28th (Monday) 8AM – 6PM

We will still have Seniors on campus on Monday and their testing need not be scheduled. They will have a special entrance and testing starting first thing in the morning so that they can begin their exams as scheduled. The rest of the school should be “green” on OK4School by late Monday evening and ready to return physically on Tuesday. Principals and teachers will deliver their plans for Monday activities in advance of the day as usual. Thank you in advance for your support of this plan!

Town Hall Canceled Tonight

As noted in the Special Update sent earlier today, I’ve cancelled Town Hall tonight and will reschedule on our first Wednesday after the break, March 2nd. It is on calendars now and will appear on Facebook and on Youtube next week. Thank you for your patience as I deal with a family emergency.

Board Elections

We have our candidates for the upcoming board elections and will send out details just after the break. We’ll be introducing them to you at our next Town Hall before we send out ballots shortly thereafter. Our thanks to all who showed interest in serving on the Board of Trustees! We have many in our community willing to serve and thankful for the broad range of skills and experience that has been offered!

URGENT: Re-Enrollment for 2022-2023

Click here in PowerSchool

This is a reminder to complete a re-enrollment survey for the 2022-2023 school year. Invoices will be issued on the basis of your response. Please login to PowerSchool and click on “Re-enrollment 22/23” in the left column. We need the survey for each child filled out separately, so please make sure to change between each child in the upper left corner and then click on the icon to reveal your one-question survey.

This must be completed by TOMORROW, February 17!!

Thank you and enjoy your break!

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