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Katharine LaBanca

Message from our Board Chair

Please see the linked message from our board chair, Katharine LaBanca, summarizing recent decisions and board progress on goals for the year. As always, the engaging work of the board continues in earnest and Kay has provided important insight along with thanks for all who are contributing to our progress and success.

Quick COVID stats update

In terms of our current wave of infections here in Poland, the data is consistent with the projections discussed in our recent Town Hall. We expect, as does the government, that the current wave will peak in the coming weeks. Additionally, we believe vaccinations for ages 5-11 will be approved in Poland starting December 5. That leaves the school in a difficult position relative to supporting vaccination at school given the coming holiday vacation. There is not enough time to get the necessary two doses in before we depart. Currently under consideration is a vaccination event immediately as we return in January. I’m happy to have your feedback on this.

One question that has come up is a request to report the statistics relative to recent infections and vaccination status. I did some calculations today. Amongst students, 19% of our cases have been students who were immunized. That’s understandable since students under 12 are not yet vaccinated. Updating our status on age 12+ students: we have 80% vaccinated. For adults, the number is much higher and confirms the waning immunity and the need for boosters. 76% of our adult cases were vaccinated individuals. This validates our approach to continued testing of both populations equally and helps to guide us in future planning under our protocols. The good news is we can also see a correlation amongst the vaccinated that they experience mild symptoms and this further confirms the importance of vaccination to protect against more serious consequences. We continue to believe that there are three components to overall recovery: vaccination, sanitary protocols, and wider availability of treatment drugs for those who become sick. Progress is being made on all fronts.

My message of thanks

For me, let me just offer my thanks to all in the spirit of the season. For those connected to our American core and heritage, tomorrow marks a key entry into the holiday season ledger. Thanksgiving remains an entry point into the season for those of American heritage and is rooted in family traditional values.

So, during this long weekend, please reflect on the importance of family and the loving embrace of those in your close orbit. We need those strong personal connections where we find strength and foundation. I’m thankful for all of you in the extended ASW family. Again and again, we embrace the challenges and come together in distinctive ways that we refer to as the Warrior Spirit. In the spirit of positive thinking, there is no place I’d rather be and I see nothing but opportunity on the horizon. Hugs to all for another well deserved opportunity for rest and renewal!

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