Late today I received word that we will be able to put together a vaccination event here at ASW for 5-11 year olds. The government announced that they will start delivering vaccine for this age range starting December 13. I’ve reserved with Vaxmed.pl the dates of December 14, 15, or 16 depending on supply. We currently envision an afternoon into evening event where we can vaccinate about 40 per hour starting at 2:00p in the afternoon until as late as 8:00p. I’ll be sending more details on this home in the Monday Weekly update along with sign-up instructions. My thanks to Dr. Jakob at Vaxmed.pl for his continued support and partnership in this project. I hasten to add, this is all subject to deliveries coming on time as planned.

Last week’s booster event was a success, but please be advised that they are still working on records and we have been assured that they are working hard to complete them for online access and for the records that will be sent to you directly. Please be patient.

If you are still in need of a booster, you will need to find another provider through your doctor or via Vaxmed.pl’s website. We will not have another booster event for adults at ASW before the Holiday Break.

If you didn’t see it earlier today, I postponed Town Hall to next week, December 8th. We are gathering information on Omicron and other items for the coming holidays. Thank you for your patience and for understanding the late notice.

Finally, my appreciation for all the input received by email or through our feedback form. We are still showing good feedback from the community and I appreciate all of your helpful advice as I work with my team of leaders. Here’s the latest on how you think we are doing according to respondents over the last month or two (1 is low, 10 is high):

Please keep reaching out to me directly by email or via the feedback form!

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