We’re on that path to the holidays…

Many things happening around the school despite the challenges of the calendar. We have a holiday this weekend due to Poland’s Independence Day – see more about that HERE. There is always a strong afinity between an international school and the host country, so let me take this opportunity on Poland’s special day to offer my regards to all of our Polish community as we head into an important day of reflection. We offer appreciation to all of you for allowing us to reside for a time under your sovereignty. We appreciate all that you do to make us all feel welcome and supported. On the heels of our Day of Diversity, it’s important to reflect on all that Poland offers us to support the mission and vision of the school. We are empowered by the good will that is evident in our interactions at all levels. I know that, no matter how long I remain here, I will forever fondly reflect on Poland as “home.” Last night, this was the theme of one of the special songs presented by the middle school choir and it brought tears to my eyes. While we will always be Warriors, and always ASW, we will also always be a bit Polish in our hearts because of our marvelous experiences here and the “family” that we will leave behind. Thank you, Poland, for all that you have done to help us feel a part of your wonderful country. We wish you well as you celebrate your “birthday!”

Please remember to sign up for COVID or flu vaccination here. I need final counts by Friday at noon:

Stay well as we remain on the path to the holidays. Be safe and hopeful in the days and weeks ahead. We remain optimistic that we are still on the grinding path to recovery!

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