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Yesterday’s Health Department Announcements

Announcements yesterday have determined that Polish public schools for grades 5 and above will move into virtual mode until February 27. We will not be following this directive at this time and will continue to follow our current mitigation plan. ASW has taken this course of action before, but certainly we are watching our own case numbers and reviewing this on a daily basis. Reports of Poland’s case numbers today were not unexpected and we remain hopeful that these numbers will hit their peak as predicted toward the end of the month and early February. We are prepared to make decisions for individual grade levels and/or cohorts as required and following, as always, an incremental path to our decisions. Watch for Special Updates each day as we report the cases and our mitigation where warranted. We are still seeing the vast majority of cases coming from outside of school and the various activities reported to us through our contact tracing. We are all doing a better job of holding children out of school when symptoms emerge. So many of our reported cases have not had extended impact. We should note that any grade level or cohort on virtual school should also be suspending activities outside of school until the grade level is cleared to return. This is an important part of our protocol to reduce further spread or exposure.

We are in a challenging couple of weeks now and important to strengthen our resilience through adherence to our practices. We will get through this and continue our recovery efforts in due course.

Friday Reminder

A reminder that we are closing school on Friday, January 28, in order to provide an opportunity for our community to participate in memorial services and other remembrance activities for Iga Kielczewska-Skoczylas. I appreciate the many messages of support for this decision and the wonderful regard of the community in valuing the needs of the family and the entire community. Thank you for your understanding, care, and concern!

Calendar Survey – 2023-2024

It’s that time of year again when we ask you to look into your future crystal ball and consider the potential calendar for 2023-2024. Next year’s calendar was done last year (as we always do) and is currently posted HERE. It’s now time to consider the proposed calendar that was first put in front of the board in initial draft form back in November. Since then, the administration has identified the need for staff development and other adjustments to give you the current draft which is HERE. You can fill out a survey to provide your input here:


The Board of Trustees will adopt the final version at their April board meeting.

Vaccination sign-up

We have confirmed our vaccination event on February 5th. Please sign up by Monday, January 31. Reminders and times will be sent early next week. The link is here:


Traffic Reminder

Please remember to watch your speed on the campus at all times. The restriction is to travel at no faster than the posted 10 kph. Also, please be reminded to use crosswalks at all times and give the right of way to pedestrians everywhere in the parking lot.

Finally, please remember that you must stay with your vehicle at all times in the yellow “Kiss-n-Go” zones. No vehicle may be left unattended for more than 30 seconds. If you plan to exit your vehicle to meet your children, you should park. If parking is not available, continue around the loops until a spot opens. Do NOT leave a vehicle unattended for any extended period of time in these zones. For unattended vehicles, licenses will be recorded and access restrictions may be imposed on repeat offences.

Upcoming Change

Just an initial message that we are continuing the process of upgrading our systems further and the next phase of our plan has us rolling out changes that will unify our various portals and methods of communication. The most important aspect of this is the deployment of a new way of accessing our resources using a unified “My Key” approach. Look for more information on this through February as we get ready for the official launch of a new Parent Portal in March once we return from the Mid-Winter break.

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