Let the Art flow…

It’s been wonderful to see all the art opportunities emerge during Art Fest this week and we are all looking forward to the HS Play as well. Many things happening as we finish the two weeks before our spring break this year. But, this week in particular will be amazing! My best wishes to the IB artists tonight and to all the art engagements in the days ahead! Many thanks to all the hands in the Performing and Visual Arts Team for their work toward making this happen for all our students.

I hope the conferences went well for you and I want to thank teachers for all their efforts in sharing your child’s accomplishments with you. With that, you should have a plan for the remaining weeks of the school year in order to maximize opportunities for growth and continued learning. Remember that we are always available to you beyond conferences. Please just reach out to teachers as needed for further clarification or with your questions. We are partners always in nurturing your child toward their goals.

Efforts for #ASWforUkraine continue to grow and develop. It has been a joy to talk to schools around the world who are dedicating their fundraising efforts to our cause. Our distribution center and food preparation is wonderful support for our continued community effort in support of the refugees in our midst. We also have moved forward on our commitment to displaced students from CEESA partner schools and many students are now in our midst on a temporary basis finding safety and normalcy in our midst. The team of parents, students, and staff should be applauded for all their efforts in our multiple tiers of engagement.

Finally, we have encouraging results in our testing today that continues to support a reduction in community spread. We are ready for our next mask optional day on Friday and, if the trend continues, further loosening. Please be mindful of the feelings of others in regards to these changes. We still have a degree of fear and we should be mindful that taking incremental steps is one way we encourage and support the needs of those who are concerned. Please remember that we have students and family members in our community who are more vulnerable and evidence from last week is that they were very concerned about the risks. They are correct to be concerned, as we all should. It is not forward looking to add too much risk hurriedly. Please be patient and supportive of the entire community as we take steps that are structured and prudent. After tomorrow’s testing, we will have a good picture for charting the path forward and avoiding unnecessary consequences.

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