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Additional Update on COVID

On Monday we noted the reduction of protocols and suspended the “Test-to-Attend” program.  Today we are announcing that next week (May 23-27) we will end regular testing for the remainder of the school year.  Based on the data recorded to date, this has been approved as our next viable next step and a way of closing the year consistent with what we see in terms of risk level in the current environment.  We will maintain a shorter morning testing time for both “Test-to-Stay” which will still be required for all close contacts in a household.  But, our testing in cohorts will end next Friday.

An endemic approach requires that we continue our watchful eye on any potential increase in infections.  Therefore, we will continue with daily attestation in OK4School.  But, starting after next week, you will no longer be prompted for a test expiration and we will rely entirely on the daily survey and your at-home checks.  We continue to encourage the use of home tests in the face of emerging symptoms and personal responsibility for self-isolation to protect the broader community in the case of illness.  Thank you for all you do to help us remain safe and secure each day at school.  Watch for Monday’s Weekly Update for further directions on next steps.

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