Accreditation Begins in Earnest

In recent weeks, we began a journey into a process that will carry us until Winter Break of 2017.  The scope of the work has been carefully scheduled out to maximize participation and assure accuracy of our reflection across all aspects of the school’s operations.  Accreditation is a timely and important process deserving of this level of engagement.  As a once in 10-year process, it provides a structure and backdrop to profound school improvement, informing other activities years beyond its generation.  The visiting team that will join us in early 2018 will reflect on the comprehensive product of our work and spend extended time talking to all stakeholders who were responsible for it. This process yields a long term action plan that the entire community embraces for the journey forward, in coordination with strategic planning.

The presentation below is shared for other parents who missed out on the PTO coffee.  Both the Director’s Office and the Office for Teaching and Learning are ready to take your questions and comments as we continue organizing the work that lies ahead.  Look for regular updates in posts that will follow, particularly when we share survey results and post other opportunities for participation.

Parent Accreditation Presentation – September, 2016

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