In Memory of Pawel Wojnicki

Pawel Wojnicki, 1965-2017

Just before the school dismissed for vacation, we were provided with the dreadful news of the illness of our IT Staff member, Pawel Wojnicki.  After an initial diagnosis in February, Pawel had been undergoing treatment for Pancreatic Cancer.  The family had kept this information confidential to protect other family members and because they were still exploring the extent of his illness.  On the day before our vacation, we received news that the doctors had suspended further treatment given the extent of the cancer and sent Pawel home for hospice care.

We were all devastated by this news in the days prior to the vacation and immediately started a benefit fund to support Pawel and his family during their time of extreme need.

The intensity of the illness overcame Pawel on Sunday, April 30 and we lost our friend and colleague.  Pawel is survived by his wife, Agata, and three sons, Jakub, Mateusz and Adam.

Pawel worked with ASW for 16 years. A very quiet person by nature, Pawel was instrumental in the development of the school’s networks and was a key staff member for both development and maintenance during his tenure.

Co-workers in the IT department remember Pawel as always warm, helpful, willing to assist and committed to the school and his colleagues.  While factual and honest, he also had a quick wit that brought a smile to the team when the occasion required.  He was a proud husband and father, but modest and private.  We will all remember him for his big heart and wisdom.

Like all on our support staff, Pawel worked in the background providing critical services that helped the organization run smoothly.  It can honestly be said that he was indispensable because of both the systems he managed and the partnership he provided to all who engaged him.

He was a very wise man. Awards and certificates had no meaning for him.  He was self-taught in many areas and was extremely talented.  He was a Renaissance man. He never cared for publicity or fame.

Pawel loved to swim. Often on Sunday mornings you would meet him at the pool with the children. The family also enjoyed snowboarding and weekend holiday trips.

Pawel lived, body, spirit, and mind, in a way true to his heart. We are so grateful he shared his spirit with us, creating the many wonderful memories we have of him, and we will miss him dearly.

The school has established a memorial fund in Pawel’s memory in order to support the family in their ongoing challenges. You can make donations to this fund at the ASW Cashier at any time.  We thank you in advance for any support you can provide to the family in their time of need.

Services for Pawel are scheduled for Monday.   The IT Department and selected others will represent the school community on our behalf.  Other arrangements to remember Pawel at school will be forthcoming.  The school has also sent flowers on behalf of the entire ASW Community in remembrance of Pawel.

For those who would like to share additional memories of Pawel, we encourage your comments in reply to this post below, so that they can be compiled and shared with all of us during our time of grief.  We will also translate your thoughts as appropriate and share them with the family, a testament to the warmth and regard we all had for Pawel.

For those still traveling, I wish you safe journey on your final homeward leg.  For all, I look forward to greeting you Monday morning.

With Fondest Regards,

Mr. Z


25 thoughts on “In Memory of Pawel Wojnicki”

  1. Pawel was most kind! We often shared a chat and a laugh in the pool on an early weekday morning. Always positive and a 100kms ahead! Naszej szkole bedzie bardzo brakowac naszego kolegi Pawla!

  2. If there is an online fundraiser for Paul’s family, please post the link. I know many of us would love to donate to help his family out during this difficult time.

    1. Unfortunately, there is no online system for fund raising at this time. The school cashier can accept donations for the family at any time during normal business hours.

  3. Pawel was always willing to help a student out. Throughout my 13 years in ASW, I cannot count the times he made my day in the IT office by solving a ‘simple’ issue or simply through having a short chat. You will be missed.

    Spoczywaj w spokoju, Panie Pawle.

    1. Paweł helped me a lot while I was involved with the ASW PTO since 2001, I left the school in 2007. Sorry about the sad news, my deepest sympathy to the family. Rest in peace Paweł, wieczny odpoczynek racz mu dać Panie.
      Kochajmy ludzi bo tak szybko odchodzą.

  4. Paweł’s dedication and loyalty were two of his many admirable qualities. He went about his duties with quiet efficiency along with a great sense of humor. Paweł was a builder and ASW is a better place because of him. May Paweł’s family be comforted in knowing that so many people care deeply and are supporting them in this difficult time.

  5. I’m very sorry to read this news. I worked with Pawel quite a bit as we improved our IT systems at the school. How can we donate to the family from abroad?

  6. Vary sad news. Paweł was such a great guy. Deepest condolences for his family. If there is a GoFundMe page sent up in his name, please let us knows we would love to contribute.

  7. Pawel was a great guy to work with in the ASW tech office. I will always remember his intelligence and sense of humor. I am so sorry to hear about this and send my deepest condolences to his family.

  8. Peter and I are very saddened at the loss of such a special man! Pawel will always be remembered in the hearts of all who had the privilege to know and work with him! He always greeted everyone with a happy spirit and was full of joy to find a solution to all IT problems and/or issues! He worked closely with the Elementary School to provide exceptional service in a creative, positive and “can-do” manner! Peter recalls having him visit at the Security Office and provide his spirit of cheer and good tidings on a daily basis to all the Guards and Personnel!
    Our deepest condolences to his beloved wife, Agata, and sons, Jakub, Mateusz and Adam, whom he always spoke so proudly about! He will be GREATLY missed by all whose lives he touched! All our love, peace and blessings to Pawel’s beloved family, to ASW & their staff and students and to all his treasured friends!
    Donna & Peter Swagers

  9. I’ve had thoughts of Pawel on my mind and in my heart this week. He was a great guy and we shared many laughs together through the years. I know I improved as a teacher and with my ability to use technology thanks to Pawel’s work at ASW. He was dedicated and always helpful. I deeply appreciate everything he did for me (often at a moment’s notice).

    I’ve experienced my own grief over his loss this week and I will miss his presence in our school hallways. I offer my love and prayers to Adam, the members of Pawel’s family, and our IT guys who have lost one of their brothers. Peace and hugs to all of you. David

  10. Always kind, always helpful, always smiling… May God rest his soul. Such a heartbreaking news…

    Będziemy o Panu pamiętali, Panie Pawle! Spoczywaj w pokoju.

  11. Pan Paweł was very generous and kind person, always helping me, IT lost mum. Smiling, joking and pleasant person. Will miss you around ASW.
    Wieczny odpoczynek racz mu dać Panie……

  12. My heartfelt sympathies to his family. I can imagine the ASW community is saddened and is hurting. He was such an honorable man and will be missed. Prayers to his family and friends.

  13. Oh, I am so shocked and saddened to hear of Pawel’s passing. Whenever I dropped into the IT office with a problem or question, Pawel was always there with a quiet smile and a helpful solution. May he rest in peace, and may God bless his family.

  14. I am so saddened to hear this. Pawel was so kind and helpful and always went above and beyond the call of duty to help us both in and out of school. His kind spirit, I am sure, will be missed by all in the ASW community. My deepest condolences and prayers to his family and friends.

  15. I am so saddened to hear this. Pawel was so kind and helpful and always went above and beyond the call of duty to help us both in and out of school. His kind spirit, I am sure, will be missed by all in the ASW community. My deepest condolences and prayers to his family and friends.

  16. So sad to hear this news.

    I had been fortunate to work closely with Pawel for a couple of years. I greatly appreciated his exemplary work ethic, his inquisitive mind and his can-do attitude.

    There was a lot of depth under that seemingly quiet appearance.
    He cared deeply about his family and I know he was a great father.

    We used to laugh a lot together and this is how I would like to remember him: quick with one funny short comment to put everything in a new perspective. His sense of humor got us through many headaches and for that I am grateful.

    Dziękuję Panu Pawel

  17. Very sad news for the ASW community and especially for all of those who worked with Paweł. I had the privilege to work closely with Paweł during my ten years at ASW. I will always remember his positive attitude and no problem was ever too big or unsolvable for Paweł. A wonderful proud father and remarkable person. May you rest in peace and my sincere condolences to Paweł’s family.

  18. I was deeply saddened by the news of Pawel’s passing. He was such a big help to me in my 9 years at ASW. There were countless times when I would sit in a chair beside him so that he could make magic happen for me on the school network for our kids in the middle school laptop program. I was always guaranteed a laugh or two when I came to the IT office. I saw Pawel and Marek as a tight team keeping our systems up and running, and what a close friendship they shared. teachers came to the IT office for support, but stayed and visited because of the good company. I will miss you Pawel, and I send my condolences to the family and loved ones in the ASD community.

  19. Larry and I are greatly saddened by the loss of Pawel. Pawel was kind, humorous, and always treated us with great respect. He steadily stood by for ASW and its teachers while keeping the electronic domain workable and user friendly so teachers could the make the best use of technology for their students. Pawel was always supportive, helpful, and made suggestions that helped Larry and I work for children. He worked hours for ASW to ensure that the school moved forward in technology. He passed on the same characteristics to his son, Adam, a person also delightful in his approach to teachers who wanted the best for their students. Our hearts and prayers go out to Adam and his family for the great loss of a wonderful father, and husband. I will miss Pawel’s sense of humor and his charming grin, especially when he knew the electronic problem was caused by operator error. Sincerely, Louise and Larry Horner, ASW 2005 – 2016

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