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School Photos

Last year we received good feedback from parents regarding our selection process and experience with a new school photographer.  As a result of that input, we entered into an open bid process again this year hoping to seek a new vendor for our school pictures.  We included additional parent input on that process from those who volunteered to assist.   In the end, as has already been included in prior newsletters, we are set to welcome Jesse Long to our campus on a pilot program using a true global photographer.  Jesse is well known to many of us in the international world and he has taken pictures for schools throughout SouthEast Asia as well as the European theater.  We are very excited to welcome Jesse to our campus and look forward to his interactions with students during the week long schedule of group and individual photo settings.  See your divisional news below for dates specific to each grade and divisional level.  If you need the order form, which must be returned on your child’s individual photographs day, you can click HERE and download it for printing if it somehow doesn’t make it home with your student.  A headmaster I heard about often quipped that the best unknown treasures lie in the bottom of your child’s backpack!

Danger Area

Please see the location in the map below that is near the school on the road we all use for traveling to the center of Warsaw.  We have become aware that this intersection has become very dangerous for drivers and bicycle riders due to the excessive speeds that are being used.  There have been a number of incidents at this intersection in recent weeks and it was devastating to find out that there was a bicycle fatality that many of you may witnessed on your way to the PTO BBQ on Saturday.  This is the location in question:

After reviewing the information available to us, we are recommending that all bicyclists avoid this intersection entirely.  The crosswalk shown here is insufficiently lit for crossing and the high speed of cars in this corridor and lack of traffic light will continue to make this an unsafe area to cross.  We would recommend that all inbound and outbound bicyclists continue on the 724 on either side of the road to the intersectionfurther south and use the traffic light to cross in this vicinity:


In order to dismiss rumors, one of our school teachers, Mr. McKenty, was one of the first on site at the fatality accident on Saturday and offered assistance, but others had already arrived and provided initial support to the victim as emergency services were responding.

We continue to recommend that all bicycle riders wear helmets at all times.  Even on short rides to school from nearby communities, building safe habits early is critical to make sure you are safe on the road at all times.  Remember also that all bikes must be walked within the boundary of the campus no matter which entrance gate is used.  Bicycles should all be parked in provided racks near all of the main entrances to the school.  Stay safe!!

United Nations Day

Just a quick note looking ahead.  We plan to have an all school assembly on United Nations Day on October 19th.  PTO and parents are already beginning to plan our United Nations Day this year and we have plans to kick off the day with an all school gathering at 9:00 a.m.  More details on United Nations Day will come home soon and we will also livestream the assembly so you can all participate from wherever you may be located.

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