Happy January!

It’s that time of year when we build on the learning of the fall and begin building to the crescendo of the second term.  Many activities in the coming days are representative of that shift in focus with end goals now clearly in sight.  It is no accident that the Studniówka dance this weekend is, by tradition, representative of the final 100 days before exams.  It is a celebration of the early stages of culmination, valuing the journey as much as the result.  We’ll also be involved in Upper School conferences next week, reflecting on the work that remains while looking at accomplishments to date.

And don’t forget the upcoming PTO Quiz Night!  Fun and frivolity are guaranteed and we are hopeful of significant participation.

Hope all enjoyed the wonderful dusting of snow this morning.  While I know that traffic can be difficult under a blanket of white, I enjoyed the winter wonderland that greeted us this morning.  Smiles all around as snowmen appeared on the playgrounds.  May we all embrace the season!

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