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This will be a longer entry for eNotes this time, so clicking through to my blog post will be important.  Therefore, here are the items I’m covering in this article:

  • Accreditation Update
  • New and Aspiring Board Member Training – NEW DATE!! – April 5th
  • Admissions Policy Explanation

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Accreditation Update

Our visitors from NEASC and CIS left on the Friday before break after completing an exhaustive review of our self-study report and observation of our work throughout the school.  They connected with every faculty member and administrator during their time here along with students, parents, support staff, administrators, board members and others in the ASW community.  We were tremendously proud of everyone who interacted with the visiting team and how they shared our story, rooted in core values and based on our common commitment to the children we serve.  Ji Han, the chairperson for the team, noted their particular reflections on the qualities of our students who demonstrated the best of ASW traditions!!

The accreditation team provided me with an opportunity to review their draft report for accuracy, but was admonished to not release the report until each accrediting body had fulfilled their responsibility to approve it within their respective structures. This process usually takes about 4-6 weeks, or possibly longer.  What I can generally report is that the findings will not likely include any surprises, but have appropriately put focus on our action plans in the places we had expected.  While we might adjust these plans to provide for these points of emphasis, we will be thrilled with their feedback and advice in the final document.  The committee and/or the accrediting bodies will still have to make a determination between the following four final options:

  • Award of Accreditation or Re-Accreditation
  • Award of Accreditation or Re-Accreditation with specific qualifications
  • Postponement of Accreditation or Re-Accreditation for specific reason(s)
  • Denial of Accreditation

As we did with the self-study, we will publish the final approved report and their final finding when it becomes available.

New and Aspiring Board Member Training – NEW DATE!!

Likely because of the timing, we had limited sign-up for the New and Aspiring Board member Training scheduled for tomorrow, March 1.  Therefore, we’ve canceled this session.  But, fear not, there is yet another opportunity to participate in this training on the horizon and still in plenty of time to get ready for ASW Board elections!!!  Please consider joining us on April 5, 2018 for the next session of this important training.  Whether you have aspirations to serve on the ASW board, or would like to consider service on other non-profit boards, this training will prepare you for the basic foundations of good governance.  While our focus of context will be the educational setting, the principles of governance apply equally to a variety of similar settings.  You are welcome to attend even if you just want to find out more about how ASW governance works and how the Board of Trustees do their work in support of the school’s core values, mission, and strategic goals.  Please try to join us.  Light snacks and certificate of completion provided.

Thursday, April 5, 2017, 6:00 p.m. in the MPR

Click here to RSVP:

Admissions Policy Explanation

In December, the Board of Trustees adopted revisions to the admission policy of the school.  These were primarily meant to address the tightening of our overall structure and better articulate the parameters used in making decisions about a growing stream of applications that are now being processed by the Admissions Department.  Part of aligning our practices was to introduce an online system of application that is now fully operational and receiving positive reviews.

It should first be clear that changes to the admissions policy of the school only affects new applicants to the school going forward.  No current students will be impacted by these changes and nothing in the policy reflects any change that, by itself, would affect the enrollment of any current student beyond what was already in place.

The adjustments to the policy this year (linked here: Policy 8.01 – Admissions) were primarily aimed at reinforcing the goals of the school to maintain its diversity and provide guidance to the admissions process in how, at the admission stage, to determine nationality.  In addition, and as part of our acceptance of diversity, the policy reinforces the non-selective nature of our enrollment process and only identifies the potential limits that might be placed on grade levels for providing learning support, beginner English language support, and nationality as a proportion of the grade. Order of priority rules have also been expanded and clarified to ensure equity and transparency in the admissions process. As an American embassy sponsored and supported school, the policy reaffirms the bylaw established priority for American nationality admissions that have been part of the school’s structure since its formal beginning in 1953 when it was founded due to the efforts of Colonel Frank Gilchrist from the US Embassy military detachment.

If you ever have any questions about the admission policy, please feel free to contact the Admission department.  Our website has been updated to reflect the new policy and we will continue to consider additional changes that are consistent with our growth and development over time.

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