Oh, the weather…

Seems we should be well into the signs of Spring with today being the first of a new season, but, alas, the latest snowfall seems to be sticking around for a bit longer.  We want to thank everyone for keeping the winter coats in play under the current circumstances while we await the warmer rays of the sun that certainly must be on the horizon.

My time in Prague this last weekend at the CEESA 2018 conference was productive and enjoyable.  We connected with our counterparts from dozens of international schools scattered across Eastern Europe and around the world to network and consider new ideas.  One highlight was the presentation by Ziauddin Yousafzai, father of Malala, who was shot by the Taliban in 2012.  It was a wonderful story of family legacy, of a father taught by his father to embrace respect and equality.  His simple quote in answer to the question of why his daughter turned out so strong – “Because I didn’t clip her wings.”  I value this story of empowerment between parents and children knowing myself the challenges of, particularly, the growth through adolescence.  It can be daunting at times.  May we always be reminded of the freedom we must grant children to test their assumptions and find their path through adversity.   Our core value of “Bounce back when things don’t go your way” is a testament to the importance of giving permission to fail.  It is only through this process that children find both resilience and an understanding of the growth mindset – the consummate ability to learn from our mistakes.  This is Ziauddin’s message.  Don’t clip their wings in order to keep them safe in the nest.  Instead, let’s all work together to prepare them for the wonders of flight!!

Enjoy the first weekend of Spring!!

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