First two days, lots of smiles!!

Welcome to a new year and I’m hopeful that Day 2 was even better than Day 1, as it almost always is!  Building successes one day to another is our motto and I’m looking forward to all the energy and enthusiasm turning into accomplishment and accolades in the weeks and months ahead.

Just so that you know we are working on it, continued adjustments are coming in the cafeteria to work out the “kinks” that I noted in an earlier message would likely be the case.  We are making the necessary adjustments and today was much smoother.  While lines have been a bit long due to the new financial system, the general reflection on the food and preparation seems very positive.  Based on conversations with students today, they are very happy with the new choices and there seems to be something for everyone in the new lineup.  Additional updates to the website and communication (e.g. menus) are all coming soon and will start rolling out next week, including the long sought banking and credit card initiatives for online account management.

We have one bit of sad news that has hit us during our opening that I need to share. Minh Anh “Anna” Nguyen, Class of 2017, passed away on Tuesday morning, August 21, 2018. She was the daughter of Hung Le and Huyen Thithanh Nguyen and sister of Quan Manh “Kevin” Nguyen, from the Class of 2013.  Anna, who entered ASW in Grade 7 was a ray of sunshine to everyone on and off this campus.  Her smile, wit, sense of compassion, and empathy will be missed.  For those who may be concerned, funeral services are this Friday, August 24, at 9:00 at ul. Złotych Piaskow 27C, 05-504 Antoninów.  I know you all join me in keeping the family in our thoughts during this difficult time.  Students in High School who knew Anna are understandably devastated and we want you to know that our administrators and counselors are standing by to help all who need assistance in dealing with this sudden loss.


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