Thinking ahead – United Nations Day!!

I had the pleasure today of signing just over 50 letters addressed to Ambassadors serving in Warsaw and representing their countries similar to our students from similar origins.  I thanked them for their ongoing support over the years and invited them to join us at our upcoming United Nations Day on Wednesday, October 24, 2018.  Last year, we had representatives from the embassies of just under 10 nations, but received kind notes and letters of encouragement from many wishing us well in our celebration of diversity and culture.

Further down in the PTO section of this eNotes is an initial plea for help in preparing for UN Day and a form you can use to register your country table.  Last year, we had more than 35 countries represented with presentations of all types and kinds.  We are looking forward, as always, to similar this year.

United Nations day is a celebration of the importance of diversity and how it adds value to our experience as global citizens.  As I spoke last year at our opening ceremony, I’m encouraged by the way we respect and embrace our differences, and the power of how the fabric of powerful solutions will be woven from tolerance and respect.  One of our core values, “Work together. Because without us all, we’re nothing.” speaks to the belief that the really important stuff will only happen when we do it together.  We see examples of that every day in our classrooms.  But, with UN Day, we get to punctuate our background and how it adds value to our journey together.

The theme this year for United Nations Day around the world is “Greening the Blue,” a focus on protecting the planet on this the 72nd anniversary of the UN Charter’s adoption.  You can find out more about this year’s UN day here:

Please take the time to read below and in future messages about the importance of UN Day at ASW, and volunteer to help with your country table as plans start to emerge.  Our thanks, as always, to PTO and the wonderful parent community for their tremendous support of this and other initiatives to enhance the learning environment of our engaged community.


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