Earnest Planning for 2019-2020

In recent weeks and days, we have started our annual process in earnest preparing for the next school year.  You received via email a message from our distinguished board chair, Ray Banks, regarding our decisions on fees for the coming year and our work to set fees and structures.  With many grade levels full and waiting lists beginning to form, we must first and foremost prepare the path for our returning students through our normal process.

This year, we’ve changed this process to make it more efficient for all and will forgo the usual pre-survey process in favor of a simple one-step invoicing process.  All families should receive notification of and directions for accessing your invoices via PowerSchool.  Your one and only task this year is to submit your seat deposit before the due date of Friday, March 1, 2019.  This will confirm your intention to return next year and hold your seat during the upcoming admissions process.  Please notify the Business Office at +48 (22) 702 8596 or businessoffice@aswarsaw.org if you have any needs or concerns relative to this process and we’ll happily assist you.

Later in March, we will be confirming the first round of new admissions from our extensive pre-registration list, so we appreciate your confirmation of continuing with us next year at the earliest opportunity.

One additional item: Grounds – Landscaping and Maintenance

ASW is always seeking to improve and update our services and one area that was identified in our recent accreditation for review was a refresh of our grounds and landscaping services.  Our longstanding company has done well, but certain areas identified for improvement have suggested we look for other potential partners in providing grounds maintenance services to keep our facilities prepared for the robust range of activities on campus throughout the year.  If there are parents in the ASW Community have insight into potential companies who would be interested in providing these services, our request for proposals is available from our Business Office.  Thanks in advance for your consideration and for passing along this message to potential providers!

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