CEESA Conference Imminent

Next week, ASW welcomes the 29th Annual CEESA (Central and Eastern European Schools Association) Conference to our fair city.  We will be welcoming 500 participants representing 70 schools from our region and around the world. Included in this mix is our own consultant, Ewan MacIntosh, along with a wide range of other key presenters on strategic planning, change management, leadership, literacy, service learning, exceptional talents, sports, activities, design, STEM, and a full range of educational innovation.  Presented by outside speakers and a range of both regional and members of our own faculty, it is a robust two-day experience that forms the foundation of our regional and global collaboration.  If you want to learn more about our activities next week, you can see more conference information here:  https://www.ceesaconference.com/2019/

We’ll have many of these participants at school on Thursday for Pre-Conference sessions.  A variety of guests touring our classrooms will be part of our sharing of programs from Early Childhood to Design Center to MYP/DP programmes.  And, of course, we have a previously scheduled Professional Development day on Friday, March 15, with no school for students so that all staff can participate in the conference on both Friday and Saturday.

Mary Russman
Mary Russman – REO U. S. State Department

We’ll also be welcoming our representatives from the United States State Department, including our Regional Educational Officer, Mary Russman.  Mary will be in meetings on campus and at the Embassy during her time here as well as participating in the conference.  Please look for us on Monday through Thursday as we tour her around the building, giving updates on our various programs.  She’ll have other officers of the State Department joining her at different times as well.

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