Some Security Bits


First, a thank you to all the parents who have been working hard to remember to wear their badges on the school campus at all times.  We appreciate your attention to this important regulation and practice!

Please be reminded that showing your badge at the entrance, whether in a car or on foot, is just the first step.  You should then promptly put your badge on and wear it while on campus.  Please register all visitors that you are escorting with the guards at the gate or at the front security desk.  Parents and visitors not wearing badges will be increasingly stopped and checked for this necessary credential.

School Hours

Just need to confirm with everyone that official school hours (except holidays) are as follows:

Monday to Friday – 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Access to the campus outside of these operational hours (including weekends and holidays) is as follows:

  • Students who are on campus during operational hours, but depart after these hours may not return except according to the following stipulations.
  • Students in Grades 6-12 must show school identification to be allowed on campus after hours and only for approved activities.  
  • Elementary students in grades PK-5 may be on campus after hours only under the direct supervision of their parent/adult guardian.
  • Adults must have a parent identification to gain access to the campus after hours and must wear this identification at all times.
  • No outside visitors or guests are allowed on campus after hours without prior arrangement.  Visitors at all times require prior approval by the appropriate divisional or departmental office and clearance by security.

The school will announce in advance our operational hours during vacations and holidays and campus closures when the school will not be accessible to anyone due to maintenance or other concerns.

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