Short Time Left

As some kids are referring to it here, there are about 9 alarms left in the school year and much to complete in the days ahead.  Along with various divisional events and the last range of exams, students are bringing punctuation to their work of the year while teachers are providing final grading and feedback, ultimately to provide end of year reports.

As a look ahead to summer, may I recommend summer reading for parents that I previously recommended as related to our FCD report?  I’ve completed reading most of the book now and found that the middle section is full of profound and important advice for parenting.  We all know about the progressive nature of development and emerging responsibility in adolescence, but this book offers some deep insight into well-researched trends in parenting practices that may form the foundation of a presentation next year and much good discussion.  Happy to discuss further for those who are interested.  Here’s the link again:  Age of Possibility by Dr. Laurence Steinberg.

Parent End of Year Survey went out today as was suggested last week.  In just one short day, we have over 100 responses!!  My apologies for one small edit mistake in the invitation email.  There is a leftover 2018 in the heading that should read 2019.  Otherwise, the survey will remain open until July 1 and we look forward to a great turnout to our annual request for insight.

Finally, please remember to join us for our closing ceremony on June 18.  We will also be live-streaming this event.  Looking forward to seeing all of you!  Details to follow next week.  Program is planned to start at 10:45a with school dismissal at 11:30a.

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