Finding our Stride!

Over the weekend, our Board of Trustees met for their start of year retreat and have begun work to craft their goals for the year and set up their committees. Similarly, the regular schedule of meetings for the year has all been entered into the calendar so that we carve out the time when teams will work collaboratively to achieve the goals of the school. While teachers fill their classrooms with learning and engagement, the leaders throughout the school are already starting to consider some of the focus areas for reflection this year, with an eye toward planning next year as well. With Mission and Vision as our backdrop, we will look forward to opportunities to gather with parents and other stakeholders to architect that path forward. Our theme this year, with a focus on strategic design efforts that are almost upon us, is “taking our next steps toward our future.” Finding the right steps and placing our investment into the right projects will be a focus of our attention in the coming months.

Meanwhile, we had a wonderful gathering last Saturday night that was truly empowering for all of us in attendance. The goodwill throughout the room was amazing and our thanks go out to PTO for their efforts in making this a truly special event. Our thanks also to the staff and leadership at the Mariott and Champions. They did a spectacular job and we appreciate their service and attention! Now it is BBQ time and the efforts this week have been ramping up significantly as the last bows are being tied and baskets prepared for the annual auction. Come and put lots of tickets into every basket knowing that each ticket is supporting a wide array of activities and events throughout the school year. Please plan on joining us on Saturday no matter what the weather brings. We are prepared this year with quick transition plans to make sure the day is a success no matter what the sun and clouds decide. See below for details.

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