Since this is the season, at least on the American calendar, let me offer my earnest thanks for all your contributions to what makes a school community. Since the start of the school year, we have had scores of volunteers on campus on a daily basis helping us to embrace sports, activities, arts, social events, charitable causes, diversity, learning goals, and fellowship. We are a big family, often daunting in scope, but always rewarding in what we accomplish for the students we all serve together. Please continue to look for opportunities around the school where you can offer the gift of time and talent. Whether signing up for Career Day (<– click here!), selling a few books, or mixing a bit of Jingle Bell Run hot chocolate, we need all of you to help raise our children and support this wide range of opportunities! In the spirit of Thanksgiving and sharing the heart of a holiday, thank you for all that you contribute and thank you in advance of all that is yet to come!!

Engine Running in Parking Lot

Please be reminded that you may not run your engines anywhere in the parking lot when you are waiting for more than one minute. Running engines on school property while parked or in our “Kiss-n-Go” area is strictly prohibited. If you plan to wait in an area for an extended time, have a warm coat in case of cold weather. Running your vehicle unnecessarily and contributing to bad air quality will not be tolerated! Thank you to all who are doing such a great job following this essential rule!

Reminder: Unique Opportunity!

The school announced recently the creation of a new Project Management Role designed by the Board Advancement Committee to work under the Director and in collaboration with the Director of Communications and the Advancement Committee on projects associated with developing new projects for the school.  The role is limited to specific projects and deliverables that the successful candidate would help to define building on the committee’s initial work.  The job description and application portal is on our website HERE!

Reminder: The deadline for withdrawal from second semester with a partial refund of fees is December 15. After December 15, no refund will be possible. Details about refunds can be found on our website here:

Zimplicity Director’s Desk Video Podcast
Zimplicity Podcast

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