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We spent some time with the leadership cadre today in our next journey toward strategic planning work that increases in focus this semester. Today, we focused on our adopted objective:

By 2024, everyone here will spend the majority of their time managing what they do and designing how they do it.

In the context of our Mission tag line “Changing the world for the better,” we unpacked the wording of this objective after many months of embracing the ideas that have been emerging in the Project Nest and deepening our understanding of the IB Standards and Practices.  We considered the embedded concepts in “managing” and considered terms like negotiating and advocating – all terms associated with agency.  We dug into designing and talked about making, planning, writing, presenting, debating, and constructing amongst many others. Most importantly, we took the time to create and tell our own stories of what it would look like for students and teachers if we had achieved this objective.  As our vision statement, this is the storytelling of a crafted future, building on ideas that cross subject, divisional, and departmental lines.

We then turned our stories into aspirations by capturing the aims of the story in a “What if we…?” statement.  These are now being added to the Project Nest for all to review and reflect upon.  It’s not too late to still add your own ideas using the same starter.  Please come and add your own between now and early March.  Then we start turning the Project Nest into tangible projects that will be designed during March and April.  Look for more on our work as it evolves between now and the end of the year.


Some parents have asked the athletics and activities office over the last few days about any travel restrictions in regards to athletic travel over the next few weeks to SCIS and CEESA tournaments. The conferences in which ASW is a member have at this point said they have imposed the same or similar guidelines including the exclusion of students who have recently traveled to or through China. This is part of our screening for trip advisories that will now be given each week in advance of the next weekend of travel.

Our other plans in school have now been fully implemented. We continue to watch the information from reliable sources and will make additional changes to our practices as the situation requires. Thank you for the many messages supporting our actions and our communication during this emergency. As always, we appreciate your feedback and accept both criticism and compliment in order to continue to improve our practice.

Parking Permits

Reminder to get your parking permits. Remember, after the February break:

NO parking permit = NO car access to the campus.

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