Wednesday – starting the wild ride!

It’s that time of year when we get into the pace of the final stretch. The distractions around us notwithstanding, we are taking on the challenge of a packed agenda. I’ve sent separate messages on Elementary Principal Search and looking forward to our time with candidates. Many other school-based projects in process and a wonderful professional development day with faculty and staff on Monday earlier this week. The time and focus were good, at a critical juncture.

In addition, we are also building towards Arts Week next week and have a wonderful project in process in our cafeteria! From our wonderful arts team:

Visiting artist: Kate Deccicio, March 3-6 

Getting Ready!

If you’re wondering what our ASW students are working on behind those blue bulletin boards in the cafeteria, make sure to join us for the official unveiling at 1 pm on Friday, March 13th! Working in close collaboration with our inspiring visiting artist and activist Kate DeCiccio, our upper school art students have been living the statement of inquiry from their current unit; Activism in art can push boundaries, transform narratives, and inspire change. The completed mural will include the work of students in all divisions, will connect firmly to our school values and mission, and the design will highlight students’ belief that the way nature is represented and presented in art can be a vehicle for change. Please join us next Friday, May 13th at 1 pm!

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