How brilliant!!

While there have been some glitches and we are testing the boundaries of bandwidth, there seems to be a positive vibe in the air over Virtual School and the great things that are happening. The picture at the right is Mrs. Z being “balanced” with her online 1st graders and it’s quite amazing how kids are embracing this and finding ways to be “balanced” at home while they are learning. I know some have reflected on the concerns over screen time and we are working with the kids to assess and adjust along the way. But, we started with the idea of balance and had advice to them at the outset of finding time to take breaks and keep the flow of their learning.

But, we had an advantage going into this with our core values and our IB framework – both have lent themselves brilliantly to supporting an online program that still values the child-ness of it all. We can be online, but online in a good way. We can increase some screen time, because it is good screen time and because parents are partnering with us to manage it effectively.

As the days go on, we are also shifting our teaching craft to this medium. More and more instructional creativity is emerging and we are adding layers of competency to our base stack of skills. As we spend more time here, we will continue to grow our practice, work out the pinch points, and increase the stability of delivery. Right now, we have some training wheels on with support all around. But, we are about to find that moment where we catch ourselves balanced and pretty soon we’ll be done with the training wheels and taking them off.

Like your kids, teachers are working very hard right now. They are exhausted each night, but enthusiastic because students and families are stepping up so wonderfully. Thank you for all you do to support and encourage each other along the way. We are in the long march now, Warriors all, until the battle is won!!! #lifesolation

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