ASW Culture of Giving

As would be expected at ASW, a number of giving and service-related projects are developing in our world of #lifesolation. Recent postings are included here and we are only getting started as the needs in our community become more apparent and urgent. We have many ideas emerging on how to address concerns and we know that more are coming where ASW can take steps to give back and to each other in a time of crisis and stress. We must continue to remind ourselves of the collective nature of a community. Ideas can be shared and we can gather together in spirit if not in person to tackle these challenges. I’m very proud of the work being done here!!

Face Shields

The ASW Design Center is helping local hospitals that are in need of critical safety equipment to combat the COVID-19 pandemic by printing face shields.

Utilizing the school Design Center resources of seven 3D printers, laser cutters, sewing machines and a wide variety of high-tech workshop tools, the school is creating 3D printed face shields to help keep frontline medical workers safe. In addition, we are prototyping Arduino-based pulse oximeters, which are used to determine the severity of coronavirus symptoms. With our limited staff here at school, we can keep the machines running on behalf of students and provide this important service to our health care professionals on the front lines.


ASW community-made face masks

Moms are joining the fight against coronavirus by producing much needed protective face masks for medical staff on the front line. The picture at the right was the first set delivered to Banacha Hospital by our Service Learning Coordinator and the work continues on to help protect and defend those that are most vulnerable in the current situation.

Based on this inspiration, sewn, washable cloth masks are about to be produced by parents and students at home in isolation. Florence M., a 10th-grade design student, produced a mask prototype and tutorial to help guide our school community in sewing masks. ASW’s Design Center will be loaning sewing machines and supplies to our school community so our students and families can take up the cause.

One more way that parents, students, and staff at ASW are giving back to the community in small but important ways, demonstrating our commitment to the Warrior Way!

Teacher and Staff Appreciation

Our annual opportunity for sharing our appreciation for teachers and staff throughout the school is upon us and we are hoping for your virtual involvement this year. We won’t be able to have the traditional flowers or the wonderful lunch usually provided for all to enjoy. This year, we are hoping for messages of all kinds, whether images of colored pages, videos, or simply a short message to our teachers and staff for the wonderful things they do, but in and out of crisis. This is an annual tradition and we can’t entirely miss it because of the current situation.

First, the Facebook link this morning may have been a problem due to recent updates to the Facebook interface. But this link should work for our Facebook users on all platforms:

Additionally, we’ve setup a padlet for those who would prefer an alternative:

Finally, you can also email teachers directly at their email addresses that can generally be found on PowerSchool. Or, you can send messages to me with a name in the subject line and I’ll make sure it gets delivered.

And finally, Happy Śmigus-Dyngus from all of us at ASW…

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