Some news about Fall and Onsite Testing

While we are working towards August opening, we are watching around the world as different measures are being announced now to prepare for the fall. We had significant announcements today with regards to opening and relaxing of regulations, but unfortunately heard nothing new about schools. Many colleges around the world are making announcements and there is a wide spectrum of response in regards to the next steps and their predictions of future conditions. Some in the region are both announcing virtual and return to school, while we continue to affirm that we will open in a regular school with structures in place to address risk and health safety. Thank you again for your input on the election ballot and the important survey questions that we added at the end. This will help us find the right level of intervention and other surveys with more details will be coming later.

Similarly, on behalf of CEESA, we must now communicate their decision that has been made with regards to plans for the Fall. Their letter, linked below, confirms that we will not be traveling during the first semester for any CEESA related activities. This includes both athletics and activities as well as professional development for staff. Their letter provides the details of their decision and our team in the Athletics and Activities office has other messages further down in eNotes about their planning.

We will strive to provide the usual array of activities for Fall but within the boundaries of what we are allowed by local regulation and opportunities found through collaboration with our local school contacts and partnerships.


We have organized a unique opportunity at ASW for drive-through testing next week. We were able to come up with a plan for families that includes lower cost and a trial run of any potential testing that we might do as part of our procedures come fall. We have partnered with Proteon Pharmaceuticals who have been approved to provide testing in Poland and are developing testing centers elsewhere in the country.

It is, as yet, unclear what role testing will play in our planning for August, but their willingness to establish a drive-through test center on our campus for our community demonstrates their commitment to supporting education and organizational safe practices under this viral threat.

This is optional for families and tests for current infection using their PCR genetic test. If you would like to schedule a time to enter our temporary drive-through facility, you can follow their link to sign-up. This is only open to ASW Community members including students and their families as well as staff. You will need your regular identification to enter the campus in your vehicle for this activity and the drive-through site will be set up in our parking lot near the front entrance. Currently, we have reserved June 1 and 2 for this activity but will leave the option open for additional days or times if demand suggests. School personnel, including myself, will be observing this process. All the appropriate protocols and methods will be in place. If you are interested, you can register here:

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