The End of Year is Upon Us

A year comes to a conclusion, but not as we planned. We’ve done everything in our power to bring this year to a close in the best and most engaging way possible under the circumstances. Every ounce of energy has been expended and I’m well aware that we will all collapse from exhaustion on Friday, ready for some time to contemplate and understand what comes next.

We should all enter into the summer with hope in our hearts. The most important thing we may have learned from #lifesolation is the importance of our sense of community. It has both informed and sustained us. We now have proof of the old adage that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Forged by our absence, the longing for a return to our relationships has been profound, particularly in recent days. And, I know for some, this is almost overwhelming. We have learned how precious that opportunity to connect is for all of us. In education, we live in a kind of place where people are valued over product, where possibility and accomplishment flow from relationship and collaboration. We live to be together and the punishing separation of our weeks at home have taught us what we must now cherish and renew.

We wish you well for your summer sojourn, wherever it may or may not take you. We hope for peace, health, and safety despite an increasingly complex world.

This is your last eNotes for this year. We’ll be back again in early August to get us ready for the new school year. Other communication will come directly in the meantime. Throughout the summer, look for opportunities to continue Town Hall meetings and less frequent Updates from the Director for the latest information on planning.

Please plan on joining us on Friday, first for our online closing assembly with some wonderful surprises. Link is here to get ready and also in the Daily Updates. I highly recommend gathering around a big screen if you can set it up and watching this together as a family. It’s packed with important messages and special messages from our students. Please join us for this most important Livestream:

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