Oh, the weather outside is….

Carols are starting to ring in the holidays and the festive feel of the building is all around us. A Christmas tree was wheeled into my office recently. Found it a bit odd to have a tree on wheels, but the Christmas spirit that seemed to follow it was invaluable. I even had a short visit from an elf that hid behind my door, supporting the ES staff hunt. He’s a cute little guy and I miss him already. Congratulations to the intrepid hunters who found him in record time. ’tis the Season!

Much more to celebrate the holidays is coming around. We’ll be missing our usual programs this year, but still trying to be festive and jolly in the days next week with planned PTO decorations and plenty of classroom activities at all levels still trying to capture the spirit. We are thoughtful of the needed restrictions, but happy with the many things we can still capture in some fashion, always remembering how times like this bring perspective and insight into the things most important: family, friends, kindness, and hope.

A couple of items for your attention:

Flu Vaccine!!

Arriving today! With thanks to the US Embassy, we have our flu vaccine inbound and we start our flu vaccination journey TOMORROW! I sent a notice yesterday to those who filled out our advance survey about flu vaccination. As promised, they had early access to the appointment signup and have responded wonderfully. Now it is open to all. We are offering Flu vaccine in the form of Flucelvax Tetra which is the only egg-free vaccine available in the EU – approved in the EU for ages 2 and older. All the remaining details are on the signup form which is here:

There are appointments available between December 10 and 22. We will be vaccinating between 4p and 7p on weekdays and 9a to 4p on Saturdays and on the 21st and 22nd. Looking forward to serving you!!

Vice Principal Search

Please reserve Monday and Tuesday, 6p to 8p, next week for open virtual meetings in Zoom with our finalists. We will send information about our candidates at the end of the week, but please reserve the dates. We are hopeful that we can tie up these meetings with an opportunity to gather feedback on our candidates during these open meetings. Students, Parents, and staff are all invited to these open forums and we will offer a facilitated dialog with time available for questions from the audience. Looking forward to your participation. Details before the end of this week.

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