A terrible loss and the plan for next week…

Grzegorz Oleksiak

I regret to inform you that we received word this morning that we lost Grzegorz Oleksiak (Maintenance frontman since 1998) to a long-term illness that started last February.  Grzegorz, who had continued working until school opening in the Fall was recently moved to hospice care and passed peacefully this morning.  Staff members had been in touch with him yesterday and a care package was being gathered as a Valentine’s Day gift.  It had not yet been delivered.

Grzegorz has been ill for a long period of time and medical treatment was elusive during the last year because of the pandemic. He was a kind and gentle man, dedicated to the school, visible in many activities, and a keen supporter behind the scenes of all aspects of our facility and systems.  He cared about all of us, serving our needs, and was the cornerstone of the maintenance team over his 20+ years of service.

Grzegorz is survived by a daughter, two grandchildren, a brother, and his father.  We will inform the community regarding the final arrangements when we know more.  Please join me in keeping family, co-workers, and friends in your thoughts and prayers during this time of significant loss.

The Plan for Next Week

Menu icon in PowerSchool

The plans for re-entry drive-through testing are completed for next week and the system is ready in PowerSchool to take your appointment scheduling starting at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. Please log in to Power School and look for the usual icon. Schedule ONE appointment for the family when we will only test your children at that appointment. You will not need to wait for results, so with the wait time, we expect it will take each family about 5 minutes. Testing as follows:

  • Testing is available on Saturday the 27th of February, Sunday the 28th of February, and Monday the 1st of March
  • Please Note on Saturday and Sunday there is only one testing station available and on Monday there are 3 testing stations available.

For instructions on how to make an appointment here is a short Video.

Following the re-entry testing, we will return to the schedule with a slightly modified approach. Elementary will change to a Tuesday/Thursday, Wednesday/Friday schedule. The only exception is that students scheduled on Tuesday who tested on Monday will be excused. We’ll provide lists for teachers to manage this. For Upper School, students who test on Monday with their families will be excused from testing on Tuesday. The rest of the Upper School cohort will test on Tuesday. Upper School will return to its regular schedule on Thursday and Friday. By the end of the week, we’ll be back on a regular schedule.

Remember that travel exclusion is 7-days from the date you return home. You may still come in for testing while on this 7-day exclusion. Answer “Yes” to question #5 and enter the date you returned. The app will inform you of the date to return to school (with re-entry testing).

A reminder that students on hybrid or returning from travel may still follow their testing protocol during their exclusion. Just write to aswhealth@aswarsaw.org to notify us if you are coming for testing under these circumstances. Epixpert will be here all week during the break for staff and special needs on Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Staff may also come at any time on Monday.

Have a wonderful break and use this time to renew and rejuvenate before we enter into the Spring stretch!


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