Virtual school and then break – What you need to know…

So, it’s been a challenging stretch here at the end before going into the Spring break. This is the first time we have scheduled this break at this time of year in a while and our adjustments back in October moved our professional development day, originally scheduled on Friday, to early March as part of adjusting our calendar for post-February-break testing. Spring break is similar with the rescheduling of parent conferences on the two days following this vacation.

As we move into virtual mode, you have three tasks in the coming week:

  • First, you need to schedule a conference appointment for each child in the normal way. You’ll find a link for this in PowerSchool – “Spring Conferences, 12-13 April 2021 Sign up” – You should find this similar to the Fall scheduling and you’ll need to make appointments for each child in your family by switching between children (upper left) and proceeding to the link. Conferences will be held via Zoom.
  • Second, you need to schedule ONE family appointment for post-break testing. Since you will bring all kids in together for a single time slot. The purpose of the testing schedule is simply to reduce lines and make sure we optimize the two days. We will have two lines set up in the main lobby for this purpose. No one will need to wait for results and, as normal, we will contact you if you need to come back for testing due to a positive pool.
  • Third, we need everyone to complete their enrollment contract in PowerSchool. Many of you are done with this task already (Thank you!!), but we are hoping to get the rest of our returning families completed by the time we return from the break or shortly thereafter.

Thank you for making sure we have these tasks completed as soon as possible and accept our appreciation for your diligence.

Finally, and relative to our announcement earlier today that we would move into virtual mode for the next two days, we want everyone to understand the importance of maintaining our virtual schedule for the next two days and assuring that we have good control of our equipment and participating in all activities. In many ways, this is also a valuable opportunity to practice our use of the virtual experience to the best of our ability. High School simply had a head start and we can now follow their example.

I know that much rests on parents when we move into virtual mode and we want to thank you in advance for your partnership. We know that significant responsibility shifts to you when we flip this switch and we are hopeful again of your engagement. Please keep the momentum for a couple of days. I believe our virtual time will be short and confident of better conditions on the horizon so we can return to school. We’ve done very well together and should all be proud of what we have accomplished.

I wish you a special Easter and a pleasant, safe, and healthy break!!

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