Reminders about safety and security…

Here’s your annual reminder about safety concerns before and after school in our parking and pedestrian area. We are challenged by our continued protocols, but generally, we are doing well. Here are the reminders for you to consider.

1. Parking:
Please do:

• Park in reserved parent parking zones away from the building.  

• Remember that you should never be too far from your car in the Kiss-n-Go Zone and you should not stay in this area for very long. Cars parked in these areas create a risk for children. With small children in our facility, there is a high risk for potential injury when students walk between cars and this is the main reason we do not allow parent parking closest to the school in the elementary area. Instead, we reserve parent parking away from the building.  

•  Always use the crosswalks – never teach children to cross between cars as this is very dangerous.

Please do not:

• Park on the curbed or yellow areas nearest the buildings and thank you for keeping these areas clear.   

 2. Use of ID cards 
Please do:  

• Remember that the driver of the vehicle must have proper identification as a parent or helper and that this identification be used for access.   

• Have your own ID and please be sure to wear it at all times on campus to avoid being asked about it. ID cards for parents or other adult caregivers can be requested online HERE (You’ll need to have a Google account to use this – forms also available at main reception).

3.Relationship between guards and parents

Please do:  

• Treat our guards with courtesy and respect. I expect them to do the same. We are all focused on the same objective — to be safe and care for all of the children in the school. That is our only intent when asking for compliance on any of our rules.

4. Bicycles. 
Please do:  

• Remember that bicycles must be walked at all times on campus.  Given our current load of vehicles and the number of pedestrians, it is not possible to provide for a safe environment while mixing bicycles and traffic in our parking lot.  

Stay to the side of the sidewalk while waiting to meet someone and while allowing others to pass.

Please do not:  

• Block sidewalks 

5. Speed
Please do:

• Monitor your speed at all times in the parking lot and not just at the speed bumps. Once you enter the campus, there is no need to be in a hurry and everyone is safer when we all take our time.

6Air quality.  

Thanks to all for doing a great job keeping engines off when waiting for students. It means cleaner air for all of us!!

Parking area rules summary has been updated and is HERE.

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