Getting in the Swing of Governance

The board met on Monday night and got the ball rolling on the year, including approving the annual submissions on Organizational Chart and the current edits to the school Crisis Plan.

We also presented the latest version of the Culture of Giving brochure for our upcoming launch with the community and all appreciated the keen focus on all the many potential areas of partnership for the benefit of our students and in service to our mission. We will have more information available in the near future on this campaign and the associated activities.

We had an array of reports by the administration providing a look at year startup which included some amazing results from last year in our IB Results and many of the goals in divisions, departments, and overall teaching and learning.

I also shared as I do each year, the compared results of the Annual Parent Satisfaction Survey, looking at the last three years of results. We continue to review this information in depth each year

The board has set their calendar for the year and you can find dates on the Public Calendar. More information on board work will be coming and on topic for tonight’s Town Hall. Looking forward to seeing you!

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