Parents As Partners

Over the years, much research has been done concerning the importance of the home-school connection in a child’s education. Consistently, this research has confirmed the positive impacts on all aspects of schooling associated with parent knowledge of and support for all aspects of the school experience. Consider the following quote from 1997…

Children learn best when the significant adults in their lives — parents, teachers, and other family and community members — work together to encourage and support them.

Or this one from a 2020 study out of Oakland University…

How engaged families are in their children’s lives, whether at home or in school, predicts their success in school and in life.

Both suggest, as do many others, that the dynamics of the school-home relationship are critical to holistic education and form the foundation of a child’s success. We’ve seen this all around us in the kinds of activities that wrap around our work together in building community. It is through the activities of our parent group and the opportunities to help us build relationships that become a critical component of the overall benefit.

Another point from the 2020 study…

Relationships were woven throughout all focus groups as an essential element in supporting family engagement. Relative to relationships, inclusive activities and communication strongly prevailed as essential elements supporting family engagement.

We are very much aware of this relationship element in our understanding of school success here at ASW. So much so, that we captured it in our Core Values (Without Us All, We’re Nothing) and suggest that we would leave no one behind in trying to enhance these connections and relationships at every opportunity.

You’ve seen one part of this engagement through our Back-to-School nights this week. While encumbered by COVID protocols, we are trying hard to continue reaching out with the information you need to understand what we do in the classroom, but also provide the foundation of building a relationship that serves your child’s needs. Use this as an opportunity to better understand our hopes and dreams for your children and reach out as much as you desire to build that all-important partnership in order to surround our children with learning experiences that bridge the gap between home and school. Ask your questions, share your insights so that we can all work together toward the common goal of accomplishment and pride.

See you tonight at Town Hall – note the modified time of 7:30p in order to accommodate ES Back-to-School Night (see below).

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