Air Quality Tests Confirm Decision to Re-open

Last week we reopened school after our cafeteria fire after the advice of investigators and specialists recommending that there was no further risk after our cleaning regime was complete.  As I noted in a previous note, this was to be followed with air quality tests to confirm these recommendations and reassure our community of the safety of the building and the remedial steps we have taken up until this time.  We received the air quality report in the middle of last week and then reviewed the report through verbal translation, point by point.  We can confirm that the results are in alignment with the original recommendations and found no risk to students, as all of the measurements in key areas of exposure were measured and found to be fully in compliance with current requirements in all respects.  The full report is provided to our community in PDF and downloadable here:

ASW Air Quality Report (in Polish)

We want to thank the community for all of the positive responses with regards to our communication and actions during this difficult juncture and we will continue to provide updates as any new information is known.  At this time, the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation and all companies related to the fire (e.g. equipment providers, product providers, etc.) have been notified. We expect to know something more about this after the break.

It should be noted that insurance work is not dependent on this investigation and that we are covered for work on the cafeteria and library moving forward.  We are currently at the stage of receiving bids from contractors on the various elements of work that must be completed.  In all of the proposals received so far, the expectation is still affirming that everything will return to normal after the vacation.  While there might be a limited amount of final organizational work to continue after the break, we expect to have much of this resolved before our January return.

Many thanks again to all who have shown so much flexibility during this difficult issue.  We appreciate everyone adapting to our temporary cafeteria most of all and to CPS for doing their best to provide us with modified service during this final period before the break.  Thanks as well to parents and staff who are helping in the cafeteria each day, assisting students of all ages, in the morning, during lunch, and throughout the day.

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