Update on Fire Renovation Plans – TECHNOLOGY IMPLICATIONS

Dear ASW Parents,

We’ve now confirmed initial contracts for cleanup activities during the winter break as a result of our fire and smoke damage.  As I wrote in earlier messages, the smoke damage invaded some key spaces on the 2nd floor. We were able to complete cleanup in all but a few areas before re-opening.  The areas in question beyond the direct impact on the cafeteria includes the library and the IT spaces adjacent to the library.

On the recommendation of the insurance company and their inspectors, we postponed the work in the library and IT spaces until the vacation, owing to the delicate and highly technical aspect of work in these sensitive areas.  In particular, we received a detailed plan today on actions in the IT spaces, including the server room.  Cleanup of this area of delicate electronic equipment will require a total shutdown of our internal systems and removal of all servers and associated equipment for professional cleaning.

Therefore, after consultation with administrators and key personnel, ASW network and associated systems will be going dark starting on Saturday, December 17th and will remain offline for about 15 calendar days.  Given time for reconnection and testing afterwards, we expect that systems will be back to normal sometime on the weekend prior to January 9th.  Backups will assure that all systems return to normal and as we left them prior to the vacation.

The following summary of systems affected is provided:

Systems that will be offline and inaccessible:

  • Powerschool
  • Moodle
  • Destiny (library)
  • File sharing (all local servers)
  • Telephones and Internet (including wireless) in the school
    • Security will be using radios only onsite
    • School phones will be routed to alternative numbers
  • No printing or scanning (you can still copy)

Systems NOT affected:

You should know that there will likely be other access restrictions in place at the campus during the break.  These areas will be marked and you can inquire at the security desk upon arrival for information regarding areas that are closed for cleanup work.

We thank you again, now and in advance, for your flexibility and support as we strive to return the building back to normal before we return in January.

Best Regards,
Mr. Z

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