Counting the hours until your return!

Everything’s coming together well after our opening with staff this week.  We all gathered on Monday, then took a break for the Polish national holiday on Tuesday, and settled back into our preparatory work today, getting ready for student arrival next week.  It’s been wonderful catching up with everyone as they return, hearing about summer adventures, new learnings from conferences and classes, and generally getting reconnected on the coming academic year.  I’m sure we’ll experience similar with families upon arrival.

Our focus this year revolves around our Board adopted Core Values that we presented to staff in June as culmination of a broad team of community designers who met over many weeks toward the end of last school year.  My thanks to those participants and especially to all of you who contributed to the Project Nest in our main entry area.  We have a new mission to share some of our developing plans and success stories as they develop in the first part of this year.  You are welcome to join in that conversation of how we start to live our values, telling the stories of your experience, both youth and adult, in aspiring to the tennets of our values.

So that you can start becoming familiar with them and begin crafting your own stories to give these values depth and insight, they are posted here for your review:

I’ll have them out for vibrant conversation at our welcome coffee next week on Tuesday.  Looking forward to seeing all of you.  Enjoy your final weekend!

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