Wonderful first day!

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When students arrived on Tuesday, there was a flurry of shrieks and calls as students reconnected with friends, distanced by the summer vacation and now back together again.  But, there was also the reaching out to get to know new students to our mix and honest attempts to reach out and engage them in the different activities of the day.  At lunch time, some of our advisories had lunch together and spent the time getting to know each other, forming new connections that will lead to growing friendships.  One of our Core Values speaks to stepping across boundaries, trying new things and reaching beyond to new possibilities.  At the parent coffee on Tuesday, I concluded my brief remarks with a challenge – it’s time to find that one or two parents you don’t know.  Not just amongst the new parents, but across cultural and language boundaries to find new connections and experience the foundation of community.  Like our students, reach beyond the initial learning and reject the “So, what?” attitude.  Turn those connections into partners and friends.  Build the community we all desire!

PTO General Meeting & Community Event

To help in getting you acquainted with others, we have two PTO events that are also noted in the PTO section of the newsletter:

  • The PTO General Meeting is tomorrow, Thursday, at 8:45a in the MPR – we will have guides and posters directing you for those who are new
  • PTO Adult Only Mixer at the Blue Cactus,   ul. Zajączkowska 11, Warsaw,  00-785.  Saturday, September 2nd – starting at 7:00pm

Purpose: To mix new & returning parents, faculty, and staff of ASW
Dress: Casual / to your taste
Four food stations provided
Live music, then DJ
Beverages provided by the PTO until 9pm then it becomes no-host

New Year, New Handle (and new Guest Wireless Access)

Please look for us on Twitter and other social media accounts under our new handle:  @ASW_Warsaw – Follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our Facebook page.

We’ve also changed the Guest Wireless Access password on campus.  When prompted, the new password is “corevalues@ASW” – the password is case sensitive and should be entered exactly as shown.  For most devices, you will only enter this password once and the device should remember the password until the next time it is changed.  We change this password only occasionally and you’ll find this access password posted around the school.  This password is just for guests to the ASW campus.  Students and staff access the school’s formal internal network using their username and password as before.

TEDGlobal 2017

I’m announcing today that I’m leaving for a short conference this weekend that is a long held dream of mine. As a long time supporter of the TED format and content, I was pleased when my application was approved for attendance at the TEDGlobal event that is being held next week.  I’m sorry to be gone so early in the school year, but it was a unique opportunity I could not miss.  I’ll be traveling to Tanzania for the conference and more information about the conference and the many ideas that likely will return with me can be found here:  https://tedglobal2017.ted.com/?tedconf   I’ll look forward to sharing my experience when I return.  I’ll be writing and submitting my Zimplicity and Newsletter article next week from Arusha!!

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  1. Quick correction – new wireless password for guest network is “corevalues@asw” – all lowercase. My apologies for the mistake. The posters and other notes are all correct.

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