Greetings from Tanzania!

First a simple reminder to please join us at the PTO Mixer this Saturday at the Blue Cactus at 7:00 p.m.  Looking forward to seeing everyone for this important start of the year event.

Greetings from Arusha and the Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge where TEDGlobal 2017 is taking place.  I’ve had a wonderful experience here amongst some of the most inspiring minds in the world touching on topics that span from leadership to infrastructure, education to the arts, and politics to social change.  It will be hard to articulate this experience in easy phrases.  As I enter into my final day here, I can only reflect on all of the inspiration and insight that I have gleaned in my time here that will certainly have impact on my growing perspective of global issues.  This TED Global has been a particularly special one because it is the 10th anniversary for TED from the first TEDGlobal held on this same spot in 2007.  Many of the speakers and attendees from that original conference were in attendance here, adding all the more to the experience.

One in particular is Patrick Awuah, a talented young mind at the time, who inspired myself and many other leaders around the world with his inspired talk in 2007.

I had lunch with Patrick today, reinforcing my belief in the importance of nurturing leadership in our students, built on a foundation of character and insight.  The best quote from the video above is the response from a student to his professor simply stating, “I am thinking now.  Thanks.” This is the thank you message that all educators plan and hope for as we inspire minds.  I was first introduced to Patrick’s video in 2008 while I was still in Shanghai.  His message has inspired my leadership voice and I was able to share that with him today.

The many messages of this conference will find their way into my messages in the coming months.  Our core value of reaching beyond the classroom requires that we all consider the global context of our work together.  With the significant international diversity that we enjoy at ASW, it is our urgent hope that we build the skills in our students to face the challenge of the global issues that we will all face in the coming decades.  Our students must be prepared to address those challenges.  They must start “thinking” now!

You can listen to some of my reflections from the conference on my podcasting audio feed on Anchor below.  If you want to go further with the interface and the associated app, you can also dial in with questions and offer comments on the content presented.  I plan to use Anchor throughout the year to expand on my thinking as Zimplicity continues its central role in my communication to all of you.

My thanks to the community and the Board of Trustees for allowing my absence at this critical time of year to participate in this unique opportunity.  I look forward to all that might emerge from this experience to enrich our community and expand our capabilities.

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