Already thinking about next year…

At the administrative level and during this first part of the current school year, we often start thinking ahead to next school year and beyond.  It is our strategic nature to reflect on the results of our initiatives and programs during this first part of the year and think about the next year and how we will improve or otherwise sustain our work going forward.  While many professions experience this cyclical aspect to their work, education is particularly suited to an annual “do over” that allows us to get better and better with each iteration.

Our work in strategic planning is a key example.  While we work toward implementing our new core values, we are already considering the gaps that are being identified between what we are, and what we want to become.  The next phase of strategic planning is to translate these experiences into tactics that accomplish the aspirational work represented by our 5 values.  The results of Accreditation Self-Study will also inform this work.

But, we are also planning for the more operational aspects of school growth and assessing our overall school population in the face of growing demand.  At our most recent board meeting, we reported the lowest turnover rate on record for ASW and how this increased pressure has created waiting list at most grade levels.  To that end and in order to more effectively gauge our response to the upcoming registration season and the potential for turnover during the winter holidays, we would like you to take our annual survey from admissions.  In this survey, we want to know about the potential for mid-year departure and your early notification to us will help us place some of the students currently on our waiting lists.  But, we also want to know about younger siblings that will be applying for next year and with this message we want to inform you that current families of ASW are now allowed to apply early for admission of younger siblings for the 2018-2019 school year.  If you are planning to apply for next year, please fill out our survey and we will contact you with more details.  Thank you in advance for filling out our survey.  We want to hear from everyone in order to plan effectively for the remainder of this year and for next year.  Click here to complete the survey.  It will only take one minute of your time.

Finally, looking forward to seeing you at United Nations Day which is fast approaching.  We are working out final details and a seperate message about our event will be coming shortly.  Very excited to see our diversity on display in all its pageantry!!

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