Updates and Big Day Tomorrow!!

A few quick updates in this edition…

UN Day tomorrow!!
Setup has begun and we are getting ready for a busy and wonderful day!  Assembly begins at 9:00 a.m. – seating (and standing room) will be available at 8:45a. Livestream is here:


To all the parents and particularly to the coordination under PTO and the capable leadership of Jessica Sirotin, we all thank you in advance for everything that will be on display tomorrow for all of our community, celebrating our diversity in wonderfully special ways.  Students will remember these experiences for many years to come and your sharing of time and talents is an important part of the Warrior spirit!!  Thank you, one and all!!

Admissions Survey
We still need your input on our Admissions Survey.  If you haven’t done so already, please head to this link and complete it if you will be leaving mid-year or if you plan to enroll additional siblings next year.  That survey is here:


Safety and Security
We have had recent reports confirmed by police of home invasion robbery in the local area.  This is a general security reminder to all with regards to personal safety and security in your homes.  You should:

  • Lock doors at all times, even if at home (this includes vehicles)
  • Use your alarm (if one is installed)
  • Ensure that items that could be used to force entry into a home are not left unsecured on your property.
  • Report all suspicious activity to local law enforcement (Dial 112)

In regards to personal safety, it is always good to refresh your practices and make sure you have emergency contact numbers handy and report anything out of the ordinary to the local authorities.

And, Finally…
Wishing all a wonderful Fall Break next week!!  Whether you are traveling to a new adventure or staying in our own neighborhood, we wish you a nice mid-semester rest with renewed energy and enthusiasm for the Winter season that approaches.

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