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As communicated earlier our back gate will be closed until further notice.  As noted in my previous letter, this is an issue that was recently brought to our attention after years of use and we are working hard to reach an agreement to reopen this access at earliest opportunity.

As safety and security are our priority, we want to address the additional strain on the front gate and the capacity of the road leading to the School to handle the additional vehicle traffic. To help the things run efficiently please keep the following in mind:

  • Have your school badge ready as you approach the gate.
  • Kiss and Go is critical to continuous traffic flow.  ES stay right to drop off in front of ES.  MS and HS, stay left upon entering the campus and drop off near the HS entrance.  Please see attached map showing designated drop off zones.

Kiss and Go drop-off process:

  • Upon entry, veer right or left to your applicable school zone
  • Stop on curb near entrance of choice
  • Drivers may not exit their vehicle in the Kiss and Go zones
  • Allow children to exit the vehicle safely (staff will typically be nearby to supervise)
  • Immediately drive away safely.

Kiss and Go pick-up process:

  • Have planned location to pick-up your child
  • Stop
  • Do not exit your vehicle
  • Allow children to enter the vehicle safely
  • Immediately drive away safely.
  • Do not sit in your car blocking the road while waiting for you child. Continue around the parking lot circle until your children are ready, allowing other vehicles to access the area. All of our parking areas provide for looping back to the selected pickup zone.
  • Keep traffic calmly moving at all times unless you are parking.

Please be reminded that you may not park along the curb or near entrances at any time.  Only park is designated parking spots. Do not leave your vehicle unattended in non-parking areas for any reason. Further, we suggest accounting for delays when planning your journey to/from school until our entrance is restored.

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