Let music fill the air!!

Pic from HS Band and Choir Concert

We had a wonderful Band and Choir Concert on Tuesday night, with our students providing us with instrumental and vocal bliss, regaling the seasons through song and dance (loved the Rumanja shuffle)!  Rock and Rota last weekend was also a wonderful success with guitar festival following that had melodic harmonies wafting through the rafters throughout the school. Thanks go to the entire Performing arts teams, but especially to our directors: Ms. Bechdoldt, Mr. Armstrong, and Mr. Celinski.

So, I’m shouting out a challenge to all to help us fill the theater for one more performance coming on Thursday night for the Middle School Band and Choir, 6:00 p.m.  Please think about joining us and applauding for our kids to honor their preparation and commitment.  Will be an engaging night of song, all as we also prepare for our 130+ guests coming to the CEESA Band and Choir Festival the weekend of April 18-22.  Book now for Saturday night, April 21st, to join us in the Theater for the finale of the festival, which always promises to thrill and impress!

Finally, a note of encouragement:  In the spring time, we all beginning to focus on thinking ahead to next school year.  In that regard, it is time for returning parents to start considering their role in partnering with the school beyond just being a parent.  ASW has always placed a high value on our parent partnership.  Many roles for next year are beginning to emerge that are seeking your time and talent.  In the early stages, we earnestly ask you to consider taking on roles in PTO as they start to finalize their leadership team for 2018-2019.  Whether as committee chair or on the board, they need leadership that will continue to build and inspire everything possible to extend and enrich the school experience for all of our students and families.  Scroll down to the PTO section to find out more and please contact PTO leaders quickly to get involved!!



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