Calling all Makers!!


It’s time!!  It’s our second annual tradition at ASW to bring all of our Makers together for an extravaganza in the form of a Faire – and we need YOU!!!  Please join us in helping at the many booths that will be setup on the day.  Activities for all ages, parents demonstrating or just helping in making sure students have exposure to the beauty and elegance of creation from design.  Whatever you think you might be able to share or even if you can just help on the day, this is a pivotal opportunity for the community to come together and provide a unique experience for our kids that is closely aligned with our core values.  WE NEED YOU!!!

Head here to sign-up:

CEESA Concert Opportunity

We have a very special event this weekend as we host the CEESA Band and Choir gathering at ASW.  For all of you, it means lots of music going on around the school with our many guests that arrived today!!  There is a unique opportunity to join us for a finale concert on Saturday night at 6:00 p.m. in our Theater.  All of the visiting students and our own students will perform for us after some days of collaboration and practice.  Given our recent wonderful presentations, this event promises to be a real tweet.

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